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Subject: Support for multiple authors
Hi, I am having trouble with a POD that has multiple authors. My Makefile.PL file invokes the 'all_from' command, but only the first author listed in the POD ends up in the META.yml file. Is is intended this way or is this a bug? The Module::Install doc statest that "all_from is equivalent to abstract_from + author_from + version_from + license_from + perl_version_from" and that "The distribution metadata contains information on the primary author or the distribution, or the primary maintainer if the original author is no longer involved." This sounds like the convention is to list only the most recent or active author? However in the Module::Install::API documentation, we find that the "author command takes a string to describe author(s). You can set multiple authors with one author command, or with multiple authors (you can also use authors alias if you prefer)." So according to this, it is fine to have several authors and they should all appear in the META.ymp file? I think that this issue is most likely an oversight and that several authors are permitted and should be listed in the META.yml file. I have not found any Module::Install tests that test this behavior, which may explain how it slipped through. In addition to the issue of having multiple authors, it would be great it the AUTHOR(S) POD section could contain POD content, e.g.: =head1 AUTHOR =over 4 =item Author1 <> Refactored the code X =item Author2 <> The original author =back At the moment, even with a single author, Module::Install does not seem to strip out the POD content and writes the following in the META.yml file: author: - '=over 4' Regards, Florent

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