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CC: <>, <>, "Eschner, Brian" <>
Subject: Enhanced code for Perl program to include -i -w switches
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 12:47:12 -0400
To: <>
From: "Eschner, Brian" <>



Thanks for creating Algorithm-Diff. I’m playing with it to create a program to compare multiple files.


I’m glad I found the program which emulates the UNIX diff command. (Oh, how I miss working on a UNIX box…) But now I can use this program on my PC to compare files.


However, I wanted to compare the files but ignore differences due to Case and/or White-Space, so I modified the program. Please consider the revised program (attached) for inclusion in the next release of the Algorithm-Diff module.


The simple changes I’ve made to add the –i and –w switches are:


·         Update the “Usage” section (including adding the missing -q on the Usage: line)

·         Declare 2 new OPTion flags: $opt_i and $opt_w

·         Declare a new $compareRoutineRef variable to optionally point to the compareRoutine() function (defaults to undef)

·         Look for the new –i and –w switches, setting the $compareRoutineRef variable if found

·         Pass the $compareRoutineRef variable to the diff function

·         Add a line to print “Comparing files: $file1 & $file2…”  [This part can be removed if it would hurt existing functionality]

·         Declare the compareRoutine() function to modify the text to ignore white-space and/or change case to UpperCase as desired


I would be interested in hearing your response to my enhancements.


Many Thanks!

Brian D. Eschner
Reliability Engineer
Reliability & Maintainability Engineering
HTSI - Central Engineering
1110 Bayfield Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone (719) 955-5772


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