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Subject: Module will not install in Strawberry Perl +patch
Hi When installing XML::Atom in Strawberry Perl v5.12.3 on Windows 7, the installation fails at test 31 with a invalid URI message. I've rated this as critical as this bug stops XML::Atom from installing on Windows, and therefore stops upstream modules in CAPN from installing on Windows as well (Such as Net::Google::Calendar). The problem appears to be that in test 31, which uses the test code 31- external-entities-libxml.t, the file URI is obtained by the module FileBin. But the file URI that is provided by FindBin includes the Windows Drive letter syntax and a reversed directory seperatorIn my case this results in C:/ being included in the path that the FindBin modules returns. Which then chokes with t/31-external-entities-libxml.t .. :3: parser error : Invalid URI: file://C:/st awberry/cpan/build/XML-Atom-0.39-hGqzUB/t/samples/entry-ns.xml EM "file://C:/strawberry/cpan/build/XML-Atom-0.39- hGqzUB/t/samples/entry-ns.xml ^ :20: parser error : Entity 'ref' failed to parse <content type="text/html" xml:lang="en-us">&ref; ^ # Looks like your test exited with 255 before it could output anything. t/31-external-entities-libxml.t .. Dubious, test returned 255 (wstat 65280, 0xf 00) Failed 4/4 subtests Adding in the substitution regex below , after the my declaration of $filepath, strips out the c:/ and test 31 passes and the module installs. $filepath =~ s/\w\:\///; Cheers Andrew Dent Computer Troubleshooters Croydon
Subject: 31-external-entities-libxml.t
use strict; use Test::More; use XML::Atom::Entry; use FindBin; my $filepath = "$FindBin::Bin/samples/entry-ns.xml"; $filepath =~ s/\w\:\///; BEGIN { unless (eval { require XML::LibXML }) { plan skip_all => 'LibXML required for this test'; } } plan tests => 4; my $xml = <<"EOX"; <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE entry [ <!ENTITY ref SYSTEM "file://$filepath"> ]> <entry xmlns="" xmlns:dc=""> <title>Guest Author</title> <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="" /> <link rel="service.edit" title="Edit" type="application/x.atom+xml" href="" /> <id></id> <issued>2003-07-21T02:47:34-07:00</issued> <modified>2003-08-22T18:36:57-07:00</modified> <created>2003-07-21T02:47:34-07:00</created> <summary>No, Ben isn&apos;t updating. It&apos;s me testing out guest author functionality....</summary> <author> <name>Mena</name> <url></url> </author> <dc:subject>Food</dc:subject> <dc:subject>Cats</dc:subject> <content type="text/html" xml:lang="en-us">&ref; <div xmlns=""><p>No, Ben isn't updating. It's me testing out guest author functionality.</p></div> </content> </entry> EOX ## default sane parser { my $entry = XML::Atom::Entry->new(Stream => \$xml); is $entry->title, "Guest Author", "got title"; my $content = $entry->content->body; unlike $content, qr/This is what you get when you do unit testing/, "ignored entity"; } ## custom parser { my $libxml = XML::LibXML->new; my $entry = XML::Atom::Entry->new(Stream => \$xml, Parser => $libxml); is $entry->title, "Guest Author", "got title"; my $content = $entry->content->body; like $content, qr/This is what you get when you do unit testing/, "resolved entity"; }

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