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Id: 69112
Status: open
Priority: 0/
Queue: Devel-Declare

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Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 0.006004
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Cygwin build error and workaround for Devel::Declare
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text/plain 1.5k
Building Devel::Declare on cygwin usually ends with the build error: Declare.o:Declare.c:(.text+0x855): undefined reference to `_hook_op_check' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [blib/arch/auto/Devel/Declare/Declare.dll] Error 1 during this step: g++ --shared -Wl,--enable-auto-import \ -Wl,--export-all-symbols \ -Wl,--enable-auto-image-base -L/usr/local/lib \ -fstack-protector Declare.o \ -o blib/arch/auto/Devel/Declare/Declare.dll \ /home/az/local/perl-5.14.1b/lib/5.14.1/cygwin-64int/CORE/cygperl5_14_\.dll (your directory names may vary). I was able to overcome this build error by: 1. Finding the DLL from the installation of the B::Hooks::OP::Check module, either in the install dirs or the build dirs. 2. Append the full path of this DLL to the broken g++ command above and run it. Example: g++ --shared -Wl,--enable-auto-import \ -Wl,--export-all-symbols -Wl,--enable-auto-image-base \ -L/usr/local/lib -fstack-protecor Declare.o \ -o blib/arch/auto/Devel/Declare/Declare.dll \ /home/az/local/perl-5.14.1b/lib/5.14.1/cygwin-64int/CORE/cygperl5_14_1.dll \ /home/az/local/perl-5.14.1b/lib/site_perl/5.14.1/cygwin- 64int/auto/B/Hooks/OP/Check/Check.dll 3. If that command runs successfully, continue with the build process. make make test make install I don't have a sense of what it would take to fix this issue in the Makefile.PL file. -- Marty O'Brien
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The Makefile.PL already contains code that's meant to add the B:H:O:C DLL to the link line. It's mediated by ExtUtils::Depends. Apparently for you it's failing to do that. It would be good if you could investigate the configure-time operation of ExtUtils::Depends, to see why it's failing to come up with the right library. Or, as a blunter mode of diagnosis, try upgrading/reinstalling ExtUtils::Depends and B:H:O:C. -zefram
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Reini Urban has managed to reproduce the problem. He says it's a bug in ExtUtils::Depends, which shows up depending on the choice of toolchain. It should be pursued in the ExtUtils-Depends RT queue. When ExtUtils::Depends is fixed, D:D can declare the fixed version as a prereq.
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I actually fixed this bug in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid several years ago for the official cygwin distro as CYG11-5101-no-bs.patch, but it was never applied to blead. I reported it now again at id=109618 It will need a new EUMM release. I looked at Module::Install and ExtUtils::Depend again, because at first it looked like they act wrong. Why should we provide a library in fullpath as -Lpath -lname and not as a linker acceptable line /path/name.dll. ld will not find a .dll like this. The reason are various sensitive security checks in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid to check for proper perl libs, esp. with shared libs. And this interface requires the wrongly looking API -Lpath -lname. It is odd for sure. ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid really should allow the library API as ld does, a fullpath without leading -l, and do the checks for this path. -- Reini Urban

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