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Subject: dbicdump and podweaver
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:42:20 -0500
To: bugs-dbix-class-schema-loader [...]
From: Caleb Cushing <xenoterracide [...]>
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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Caleb Cushing <> Date: Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 3:02 PM Subject: dbicdump and podweaver To: so I'm personally for a weaver dbic plugin an example of an addon that one could put in weaver.ini then you add the SeeAlso to your weaver.ini and the section will automatically be added to all the pod in your dzil distribution. This seems to me like it'd be the right way to add the ACCESSORS section. In which case then dbicdump wouldn't need anything, just tell it not to generate pod, and let people do it with weaver entirely. [14:22] <Caelum> ccushing: what doesn't podweaver like about my POD? [14:24] *** GumbyNET5 gives channel operator privileges to Bender. [14:25] <ccushing> Caelum: oh, I'm not sure it's entirely all podweaver but normally when you use dzil you don't have a NAME section, you have a # ABSTRACT and it builds out NAME and a whole bunch of pod stuff [14:26] <ccushing> actually if the pod was below the md5sum I could just modify it [14:29] <Caelum> ccushing: I'll look into adding an option to generate podweaver-compatible POD [14:31] <ccushing> Caelum: actually maye just need an option not to include NAME  I think that's the only thing that needs to be removed... [14:31] <Caelum> ccushing: which dzil pluginbundle do you use? [14:32] <ccushing> usually @basic [14:33] <Caelum> ccushing: what does NAME need to be replaced by? [14:34] <Caelum> ccushing: ABSTRACT? [14:34] <purl> i guess ABSTRACT is the landlord of xaven, apart of the infobot development team at or [14:34] <ccushing> # ABSTRACT: description [14:35] <ccushing> Caelum: ya [14:35] <Caelum> ccushing: ok, thanks [14:35] <ccushing> I personally usually put my pod at the end of my files so that the dzil build doesn't change the code lines [14:35] <ccushing> because podweaver will otherwise throw all the pod like below # ABSTRACT: [14:36] <Caelum> ccushing: I'll have the podweaver mode do that then [14:36] <ccushing> right, not sure how that affects the md5sum stuff though [14:37] <ccushing> course for all it matters to me personally... you could throw pod below that... [14:37] <Caelum> ccushing: but then how do you update it [14:38] <ccushing> yeah there's the problem... because usually you need to put code below that md5 some so no matter what you end up with code changing spots with pod in the end [14:38] <ccushing> idk [14:38] <ccushing> it's a no win situation [14:38] <ccushing> some people won't care where the pod ends up [14:39] <Caelum> ccushing: what if s::l would run podweaver itself? [14:39] <Caelum> ccushing: is there a marker for podweaver to say "already ran" or something [14:39] <ccushing> hmm [14:39] <ccushing> idk [14:39] <ccushing> better question for rjbs... though maybe you could write a module that generates all this documentation later [14:40] <ccushing> and has a marker [14:40] <Caelum> ccushing: ok, could I ask you to open an RT for me please? You can just paste the irc log if you want [14:40] <ccushing> like # DBIC_ACCESSORS [14:40] <ccushing> and then people can add that to weaver.ini [14:40] <ccushing> and just exclude pod, include that, and you've got it in the final build [14:41] <ccushing> yeah [14:42] <Caelum> ccushing: we could also exclude POD from the md5sum [14:43] <Caelum> ccushing: that's pretty easy to do [14:43] <ccushing> Caelum: well the more I think about it... just having it generated by podweaver later... without anyting added to the files would be a great idea -- Caleb Cushing -- Caleb Cushing
Subject: [ #68752] dbicdump and podweaver
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 11:55:07 -0500
To: bugs-dbix-class-schema-loader [...]
From: Caleb Cushing <xenoterracide [...]>
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further reflection says, if you create a weaver plugin... for dbicdump just have it add the following for a dzil option # ABSTRACT: class::path below the md5sum, doing it below makes it easily changed to an actual description if someone wants. Also it shouldn't really need auto updating after initial generation. -- Caleb Cushing

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