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Subject: XML::Parser::Expat is not loading it's DLL
Greetings, I was trying to install SOAP::WSDL which uses XML::Parser::Expat to execute some of it's automatic tests (an probably internally too). I got the following error during the tests: (in a dialog box): "perl.exe - Unable to locate Component This application has failed to start because libexpat-1_.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." In the CPAN shell I got error from trying to load the expat.dll, giving the full path. The DLL file was in the location given. I tried to force installation of XML::Parser from CPAN shell and it was executed without problem. Running again the installation of SOAP::WSDL just raised the same error. I tried to run then the following snipet from the XML::Parser::Expat POD: use XML::Parser::Expat; my $parser = XML::Parser::Expat->new; $parser->setHandlers( 'Start' => \&sh, 'End' => \&eh, 'Char' => \&ch ); open( FOO, '<', 'XMLFile1.xml' ) or die "Couldn't open"; $parser->parse(*FOO); close(FOO); All I got was: There is no function & Since XML::Parser is a core module, I'm opening this ticket here. I was able to install SOAP::WSDL without any problem in another box (with Ubuntu Linux) running Perl 5.10.1. I'm running Strawberry on Windows XP.I tried to reinstall Strawberry and got an error with MsiExec.exe Regards, Alceu
Subject: strawberry-error.pdf

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The trouble is with poorly written t/SOAP/WSDL/Server/CGI.t which cleans PATH env variable.

Quick workaround is to copy c:\strawberry\c\bin\libexpat-1_.dll to c:\strawberry\perl\bin\libexpat-1_.dll

I am leaving this open as it is worth considering moving some DLLs c:\strawberry\c\bin to c:\strawberry\perl\bin


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