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Subject: Installer failure with Strawberry Perl .msi
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:23:19 -0800
From: Frank Hausman <>
On Windows Vista Home Edition (all updates), running as an administrator,
trying to install in c:\perl\ (which did not exist previously)

Near the end of the install, the Strawberry installer status window shows:
Strawberry Perl Setup
  Installing Strawberry Perl
    Please wait while the Setup Wizard installs Strawberry Perl
    Status: Relocating Strawberry Perl...
    (status bar near 100%)
              [back - greyed out]  [next - greyed out]   [Cancel - visible]

A popup window appears showing: (this is the Ctrl-C contents of the window):

[Window Title]
Microsoft Windows

[Main Instruction]
Windows® installer has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

[Close program]

After dismissing this window ("Close Program"),

the Strawberry Installation Complete window pops up:

Strawberry Perl Setup
   Completed the Strawberry Perl Setup Wizard

Click the FInish button to exit the Setup Wizard

Before you ...

[checkbox checked] Read README file.

[back - greyed out] [Finish]  [cancel - greyed out]

So I'm not confident that installation completed correctly.

I hope that's an easy quirk to discover and fix!

Frank Hausman

This is a duplicate of bug #62853, at . The release notes refer to this bug: The .msi's are reported to crash on some systems. If this happens, please send (to csjewell at a log generated with msiexec /i strawberry-perl-installation-file.msi /l*vx strawberry-perl-install.txt in order to help us fix it. Also include if you have had Strawberry Perl installed recently or not, which version of Strawberry Perl, and which version of Windows you're installing on. (RT#62853) Thank you for reporting it to us, anyway, and we think we'll have it fixed for the next version's first beta, which will be coming out this weekend, I hope!

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