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Id: 63289
Status: rejected
Priority: 0/
Queue: Chart-Clicker

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: sing.u.b [...]

Bug Information
Severity: (no value)
Broken in: 2.65
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: wrong scaling
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text/plain 477b
Problem: The scaling is not done correct (at all?) for the output size. See the png. is the script which generated this output. inputdata.tar.gz contains all files which were used as input What is expected: The drawing area should end short before the Canvas. Even with an overfull legend box. System: Chart::Clicker 2.65 This is perl, v5.10.1 (*) built for i686-linux-gnu-thread-multi (with 40 registered patches, see perl -V for more detail) Ubuntu 10.10
Subject: inputdata.tar.gz
Download inputdata.tar.gz
application/x-gzip 123.1k

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text/x-perl 4.5k
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Number::Format; use DirHandle; use Chart::Clicker; use Chart::Clicker::Context; use Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet; use Chart::Clicker::Data::Marker; use Chart::Clicker::Data::Series; use Geometry::Primitive::Rectangle; use Graphics::Color::RGB; use Geometry::Primitive::Circle; use Chart::Clicker::Renderer::StackedArea; my $date = $ARGV[0]; my $dir = "/home/xar/tribler/codeploy/".$date."/".$ARGV[1]; #my $dir = "/home/xar/ExperimentFiles/logs/delayedJoin15secBufferM4fullSpeed"; sub plainfiles { my $dh = DirHandle->new($dir) or die "can't opendir $dir: $!"; return sort # sort pathnames grep { -f } # choose only "plain" files map { "$dir/$_" } # create full paths grep { !/^\./ } # filter out dot files grep { /delay/ } # nur die, die delay enthalten $dh->read(); # read all entries } my @filenames = plainfiles(); # Create an empty dataset that we can add to my $dataset = Chart::Clicker::Data::DataSet->new; my $minTime = 1300000000; my %data; foreach my $file (@filenames) { print "$file\n"; open FILE, "$file" or die $!; my @time; # gönn dir mal immerwieder ne neue my @speed; LINE: while (<FILE>) { last if /^#now/; # den seeding teil wegschneiden next LINE if /^#|Timestamp|now/; # discard comments my @bb = split(/ /); if ($file =~ m/venus/) { push(@time, $bb[0] + 30 * 60); $minTime = $bb[0] if $minTime > $bb[0] + 30 * 60; } elsif ($file =~ m/mercury/) { push(@time, $bb[0] + 8 * 60); $minTime = $bb[0] if $minTime > $bb[0] + 8 * 60; } else { push(@time, $bb[0]); $minTime = $bb[0] if $minTime > $bb[0]; } push(@speed, $bb[1]); } $data{$file}->{key} = \@time; $data{$file}->{value} = \@speed; close(FILE); #print "Hinweis: $data{$file}->{key}[0]\n"; #print "Hinweis 2: $data{$file}->{value}[0]\n"; }; foreach my $file (@filenames) { my $file2 = $file; $file2 =~ s/.*\///g; $file2 =~ s/-1.*$//; my @time = map { $data{$file}->{key}[$_] - $minTime } 0..$#{$data{$file}->{key}}; print "Hinweis: ". @time[0] ." ". @time[$#time] . "\n"; $dataset->add_to_series(Chart::Clicker::Data::Series->new( keys => \@time, values => $data{$file}->{value}, name => $file2, #keys => \@time, #values => \@speed )); }; my $cc = Chart::Clicker->new(width => 1280, height => 800, format => 'png'); #$cc->legend->font->size(20); $cc->title->font->size(25); $cc->title->text('Downloadrate über Zeit'); $cc->add_to_datasets($dataset); my $defctx = $cc->get_context('default'); my $area = Chart::Clicker::Renderer::Area->new(opacity => .4); $defctx->renderer($area); my $nf = Number::Format->new; $defctx->domain_axis->format(sub { return $nf->round(shift, 0); }); $defctx->range_axis->label('Downloadrate_[kbyte]'); $defctx->domain_axis->label('Zeit [sec]'); $defctx->domain_axis->label_font->size(20); $defctx->range_axis->label_font->size(20); $defctx->domain_axis->tick_font->size(20); $defctx->range_axis->tick_font->size(20); $defctx->domain_axis->fudge_amount(.01); $defctx->range_axis->clear_tick_values(); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(0); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(100); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(200); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(300); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(400); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(500); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(600); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(700); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(800); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(900); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1000); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1100); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1200); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1300); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1400); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1500); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1600); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1700); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1800); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(1900); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2000); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2100); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2200); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2300); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2400); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2500); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2600); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2700); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2800); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(2900); $defctx->range_axis->add_to_tick_values(3000); #$defctx->renderer->additive(1); $defctx->renderer->brush->width(2); $cc->write_output($dir."/".$date.'.png');
Subject: 22.11.2010.png
Download 22.11.2010.png
image/png 93.5k
Download (untitled) / with headers
text/plain 119b
Sorry for the slow response, this slipped by me. Can you please reduce your test case if you are still having trouble?

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