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Subject: Bleadperl fb85c04 breaks Test-Unit-0.25
Sorry for the spam. See for more details. Regards,
On 2010-11-06 07:08:03, ANDK wrote:
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> Sorry for the spam. See > > > > for more details. >
The test suite still fails with bleadperl, and perl 5.14.0 will happen soon. Regards, Slaven
5.14 is out. The regexes are now breaking.
Subject: Re: [ #62771] Bleadperl fb85c04 breaks Test-Unit-0.25
Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 21:36:41 +0100
To: Todd Rinaldo via RT <>
From: Matthew Astley <>
On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 06:39:05PM -0400, Todd Rinaldo via RT wrote:
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> Queue: Test-Unit > Ticket <URL: > > > 5.14 is out. The regexes are now breaking.
Hi Todd, I noticed this in the cpantesters matrix, and that the openSUSE build system has a small diff to remove out the offending tests. Actually the biggest holdup is remembering how to make a release. Also some things changed since last time; 0.25 is "unauthorised". If you have pointers to help with this process that would be helpful, otherwise I'll find out myself in due course. Thanks for the report, -- Matthew
Thank you for the advanced warning on this one, and sorry I wasn't in a position to make a prompt fix. I have just uploaded 0.25_1325 which I believe will fix this problem by making no assumptions about how a Regexp stringifies. We shall see, thanks to the smokers,
Subject: tests failed with perl-5.14.1
I suppose test fail because of change in perl stringification. Test-Unit-0.25]# perl -I../lib t/assert.t STARTING TEST RUN 1..40 ok PASS 0 == 'foo' ok PASS 1 == '1.0' ok PASS '1.0' == 1 ok PASS foo eq foo ok PASS 0E0 == 0 ok PASS 0 == 'foo' ok PASS both undef ok PASS 0 == 0 ok PASS 0 == 0.0 ok PASS 0.0 == 0 ok PASS 0.0 == 0.0 ok PASS '' == '' ok PASS 1 != 'foo' ok PASS 'foo' ne 0 ok PASS 'foo' ne 1 ok PASS 0 != 1 ok PASS 'foo' ne 'bar' ok PASS 'foo' ne undef ok PASS undef ne 'foo' ok PASS test_assert_does_not_match ok PASS test_assert_deep_equals ok PASS test_ok_bad_args ok PASS test_assert_matches ok PASS test_numericness ok PASS test_multi_assert not ok ERROR test_ok_not_equals t/tlib/ - test_ok_not_equals(Class::Inner::__A25) Expected Test::Unit::Failure `'foo' did not match qr/x/', got `'foo' did not match /(?^:x)/' ok PASS test_fail_assert_not_equals ok PASS test_succeed_assert_null ok PASS test_succeed_assert_not_null ok PASS test_fail ok PASS test_assert_raises ok PASS test_success_assert_not_equals ok PASS test_assert_str_equals ok PASS test_ok_boolean ok PASS test_assert_equals ok PASS test_fail_assert_null ok PASS test_fail_assert_not_null ok PASS test_assert_equals_null not ok ERROR test_assert t/tlib/ - test_assert(Class::Inner::__A38) Expected Test::Unit::Failure `'qux' did not match (?^:foo)', got `'qux' did not match /(?^:foo)/' ok PASS test_ok_equals
Thank you for pointing this out - the Bleadperl team actually gave me several months notice, but I was not in a position to work on Perlunit then. I have now made dev releases which fix outstanding test failures (but not all bugs),;a=commitdiff;h=15102f68798b2d5c15be5b8b048883c9ede66cb5 I plan to fix more outstanding bugs then make a release. Do you need a 0.26 more promptly? In any event, I will merge the RT tickets. Thanks, -- Matthew
You don't need hurry with new release. I've applied your patch on tests and build passed fine. Thank you. I had something similar, but wasn't sure about it.

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