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Subject: Newer libssh2 version causes "resource not available" on scp_put
Net::SSH2 fails during scp_put, but not for all target servers. I had a vendor's server and an in house test server setup. Same authorized keys. Testing from the command line is successful to both using the BSD's scp, but fails during Net::SSH's put to just one (the vendor). This failure is dependent on two things: (1) Some undetermined remote server or network condition, possibly performance or implementation. (2) Version of libssh2 installed when Net::SSH2 is built. 0.17-1 works, 1.2.6-1 doesn't. Fixing it required rolling back libssh2 (and devel) AND rebuilding Net::SSH2 v0.33 with the addition of two recent commits from the git repo: Side note: attempting to build directly from the git repo failed during make. For concreteness, I wrote a script use Net:SSH2 to auth, read out an "ls" of a directory and then attempt a put. ==================================== $ ./ myuser@myserver [] *** attempting ls ('incoming') with ssh keys [2010-09-24 10:56:05] ./ [] Successful ssh2->auth by keypair for myserver using /home/opensrf/.ssh/id_rsa_ums ls ('incoming'): incoming/. incoming/.. incoming/xxx_testfile [2010-09-24 10:56:05] ./ [] Successful ssh2->auth by keypair for myserver using /home/opensrf/.ssh/id_rsa_ums [2010-09-24 10:56:05] ./ [] OpenILS::Utils::RemoteAccount : using tempfile /tmp/OGw8BrP3mi [2010-09-24 10:56:05] ./ [] *** attempting put (/tmp/OGw8BrP3mi, incoming/zzz_test.19442.txt) with ssh keys [2010-09-24 10:56:06] ./ [] OpenILS::Utils::RemoteAccount : successfully sent myserver /tmp/OGw8BrP3mi --> incoming/zzz_test.19442.txt ************ put returned: incoming/zzz_test.19442.txt *************** $ ./ theiruser@theirserver [2010-09-24 11:21:06] ./ [] *** attempting ls ('incoming') with ssh keys [2010-09-24 11:21:07] ./ [] Successful ssh2->auth by keypair for theirserver using /home/opensrf/.ssh/id_rsa_ums ls ('incoming'): incoming/. incoming/.. incoming/atz_2.txt incoming/atz_3.txt incoming/atz_test_scp.txt incoming/atz_zzz.txt incoming/bar incoming/foo incoming/sample.xml incoming/test [2010-09-24 11:21:09] ./ [] OpenILS::Utils::RemoteAccount : using tempfile /tmp/ZXmmYOJ7XK [2010-09-24 11:21:09] ./ [] *** attempting put (/tmp/ZXmmYOJ7XK, incoming/zzz_test.19442.txt) with ssh keys [2010-09-24 11:21:10] ./ [ERR] OpenILS::Utils::RemoteAccount : put with keys to theirserver failed with error: Resource temporarily unavailable ===================================================================== So our interface was able to connect, retrieve and display the contents of an "ls" command, but gets "Resource temporarily unavailable" during a "put" attempt. PS: I think that several of the other bugs reported that reference "perl 5.10" may actually be caused by the presence of a newer libssh2 and not anything inherent to 5.8 vs 5.10. That is to say, a distro that has 5.10 as the default is new enough to also have a newer libssh2 packaged. Systems tested by me were RedHat EL 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5 x86_64, so they had the libssh2 1.2.6-1 and the older perl 5.8.8. Thankfully, not all of them had libssh2 updated, or else I never would have found the fix to this problem. Please package a bugfix release with those two commits included.
As the OP notes, the problem was already fixed in later versions of the module.

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