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The Basics
Id: 586
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Test-Harness

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: jhi [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 2.21
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: MPE/iX exit codes wrong
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text/plain 3.3k
Thus spake Mark Bixby <>: 16433 tests OK on MPE, including "make install". New test failures since the last go round of 15877 were in lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze and test-harness: ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...ok 8/35# Failed test (../lib/Test/Harn ess/t/strap-analyze.t at line 398) ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...NOK 9# Structures begin differing at: # $got->{exit} = '0.00390625' # $expected->{exit} = '1' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...NOK 11# Failed test (../lib/Test/Harne ss/t/strap-analyze.t at line 398) # Structures begin differing at: # $got->{exit} = '0.00390625' # $expected->{exit} = '1' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...ok 16/35# Failed test (../lib/Test/Har ness/t/strap-analyze.t at line 398) ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...NOK 17# Structures begin differing at: # $got->{exit} = '0.00390625' # $expected->{exit} = '1' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...ok 35/35# Looks like you failed 3 tests of 35. ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze...dubious Test returned status 0 (wstat 3, 0x3) DIED. FAILED tests 9, 11, 17 Failed 3/35 tests, 91.43% okay ../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap...........ok ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....ok 16/77# Failed test (../lib/Test/Har ness/t/test-harness.t at line 395) ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....NOK 17# Structures begin differing at: # $got->{wstat} = '1' # $expected->{wstat} = '256' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....ok 20/77# Failed test (../lib/Test/Har ness/t/test-harness.t at line 395) ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....NOK 21# Structures begin differing at: # $got->{wstat} = '1' # $expected->{wstat} = '256' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....ok 68/77# Failed test (../lib/Test/Har ness/t/test-harness.t at line 395) ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....NOK 69# Structures begin differing at: # $got->{wstat} = '1' # $expected->{wstat} = '256' ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....ok 76/77# Looks like you failed 3 tests of 77. ../lib/Test/Harness/t/test-harness....dubious Test returned status 0 (wstat 3, 0x3) DIED. FAILED tests 17, 21, 69 Failed 3/77 tests, 96.10% okay On 15877 both of these tests completed without any errors. The lack of documentation within these test scripts in combination with my lack of free time precludes me from really understanding what they are trying to do. But the references to "exit" and "wstat" suggests this is the good old exit() status problem that has been with the MPE port of Perl since Day One. Apparently Perl scripts all take the 32-bit exit status value and then shift it right 8 bits to get the exit() parameter value. But on MPE, the exit() parameter value is already in the low-order 8 bits of the exit status word, so the right-shift replaces it with other bits, thus leading to test failures. So far I've never had the time & personal motivation to look further into this, which is not helped by a total absence of complaints about it by the MPE Perl community. If this exit() status thing sounds similar to other OSes for which a ready solution exists rather than modifying all of the test cases to behave differently on MPE (a la VMS), point me in the right direction and I'll see what I can do to fix it on MPE. - Mark B.
Should be fixed in 2.23

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