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Id: 57811
Status: resolved
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Queue: App-FatPacker

Owner: ether [...]
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Bug Information
Severity: Important
Broken in: (no value)
Fixed in: 0.009012

Subject: Packed scripts don't work on perls < 5.8.0
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Hi. Just spotted this while trying to use cpanminus on perl 5.6.2 - it dies complaining that it can't find one of the packed files (App/cpanminus/ The problem occurs in the @INC hook sub. In-memory files were only introduced in 5.8.0 (according to the docs for open). If this line: open my $fh, '<', \$fat; is changed to: open my $fh, '<', \$fat or die "can't open fatpacked $_[1]: $!"; it dies with: Can't open fatpacked App/cpanminus/ No such file or directory at cpanm line 5621. Not sure what the best solution is. IO::String looks like the smallest module that backports string filehandles (all the way back to 5.005_03). Maybe pack that as well (possibly trimming out its write methods) in a %fatpack_runtime or %fatpack_dependencies hash (in case any more are needed)? It's not exactly a moving target (last updated in 2005). Or perhaps add a --target or --min-version option to fatpack so that it's only packed on request? On a similar note, lexical filehandles were only introduced in 5.6 (according to perlfaq5), so ideally that "open my..." would need to be tweaked as well for maximum backward-compatibility. Perhaps just trim the fat from IO::String and use it in all cases? e.g. return IO::String->new($fat) or: return FatPack::Handle->new($fat); chocolateboy
FYI: there's more discussion here:
How important is it to maintain support for <5.8.0?
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On Wed Sep 19 20:56:45 2012, ETHER wrote: Show quoted text
> How important is it to maintain support for <5.8.0?
I'm bumping the minimum to 5.8.0 for now in git until we figure out what to do here.
0.009012 released with a patch for <5.8 perls. Please give it a try!

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