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Subject: Bug found and fixed
Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 14:11:28 -0700
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From: Jeremy Goodridge <jgoodridge [...]>
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I have found a problem in in which CGI params do not get refreshed on subsequent requests. This didn't happen with every request, but I found that after about 5 minutes or 30 requests or so, suddenly, CGI would start using the same parameters for every request. The problem occurred on mod_perl 1.31 but NOT on mod_perl 1.29. I don't know about mod_perl 1.30. To fix I changed line 360: from: $r->register_cleanup(\&CGI::_reset_globals); to: $r->push_handlers( 'PerlCleanupHandler', \&CGI::_reset_globals); I thought the two snippets of code were identical but apparently not. So, this may really expose a mod_perl problem, or perhaps register_cleanup is now deprecated. Note that adding the cleanup handler explicitly in the httpd conf also works. So, specifically, adding PerlCleanupHandler CGI::_reset_globals to one's httpd conf fixes the problem. I believe this problem is related to the following conversation I found: This conversation mentioned an incompatibility between Apache::SizeLimit and I AM using Apache::SizeLimit and so that might be what exposes the problem. That might be why it takes some time to occur -- perhaps once Apache SizeLimit is engaged, CGI's cleanup handler is destroyed. I don't know. Or perhaps it is something fundamental within mod_perl. My installation includes: Apache: 1.3.41 mod_perl: 1.31 3.49 Apache::SizeLimit 0.91-dev Redhat EL5. As a further note, I noticed the following in the source code: # This used to use $r->post_connection but there's no good way to # test it, since apparently it does not push a handler onto the # PerlCleanupHandler phase. That means that there's no way to use # $r->get_handlers() to check the results of calling this method. $r->push_handlers( 'PerlCleanupHandler', sub { $class->_exit_if_too_big(shift) } ); So, that suggests to me that post_connection (which is supposed to be identical to register_cleanup) doesn't quite do what is expected. And reinforces the need for my fix. Please let me know if you have questions or need more information about my setup. Jeremy Goodridge
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I'm hesitant to make the proposed change based on feedback from just one person, with no else adding a even one more "me too" comment in the past 3 years. It's a further concern that the issue is not reproducible with a automated test. To be conservative on changes to this widely used module, I'm marking this as "resolved" due to old age. It can be re-opened if we get a second data point. I've given the ticket a clearer subject to make it easier to find.

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