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This queue is for tickets about the WWW-Automate CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 570
Status: new
Priority: 0/
Queue: WWW-Automate

Owner: Nobody in particular

Bug Information
Severity: Critical
Broken in: 0.20
Fixed in: 0.10

Subject: make test fails
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text/plain 1.8k
andy@chimpy[/tmp/WWW-Automate-0.20]$ make clean rm -rf ./blib Makefile.aperl blib/arch/auto/WWW/Automate/extralibs.all perlmain.c tmon.out mon.out so_locations pm_to_blib *.o *.a perl.exe perl perl Automate.bso Automate.def libAutomate.def Automate.exp Automate.x core core.*perl.*.? *perl.core mv Makefile Makefile.old > /dev/null 2>&1 andy@chimpy[/tmp/WWW-Automate-0.20]$ perl Makefile.PL Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Writing Makefile for WWW::Automate Generating embedded tests... andy@chimpy[/tmp/WWW-Automate-0.20]$ make cp lib/WWW/ blib/lib/WWW/ Manifying blib/man3/WWW::Automate.3 andy@chimpy[/tmp/WWW-Automate-0.20]$ make test PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/local/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t t/embedded-WWW-Automate....Name "WWW::Automate::headers" used only once: possible typo at lib/WWW/ line 309. t/embedded-WWW-Automate....NOK 12# Failed test (lib/WWW/ at line 146) t/embedded-WWW-Automate....NOK 15# Failed test (lib/WWW/ at line 150) t/embedded-WWW-Automate....NOK 16# Failed test (lib/WWW/ at line 205) t/embedded-WWW-Automate....ok 19/0Can't call method "value" on an undefined value at lib//WWW/ line 241. # Looks like you failed 3 tests of 19. # Looks like your test died just after 19. t/embedded-WWW-Automate....dubious Test returned status 255 (wstat 65280, 0xff00) DIED. FAILED tests 12, 15-16 Failed 3/19 tests, 84.21% okay Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail Failed List of Failed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- t/embedded-WWW-Automate.t 255 65280 19 3 15.79% 12 15-16 Failed 1/1 test scripts, 0.00% okay. 3/19 subtests failed, 84.21% okay. make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 2
From: andy [...]
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text/plain 103b
Fixing most of the bugs is simple: Change all to is a redirect.
From: andy [...]
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text/plain 1.2k
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> Fixing most of the bugs is simple: Change all to > is a redirect.
Correction: Changing to fixes 'em all. --- embedded-WWW-Automate.t Mon Feb 18 15:36:18 2002 +++ embedded-WWW-Automate.t-new Sun Jul 7 21:10:32 2002 @@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ { #line 121 lib/WWW/ -ok($agent->get(""), "Get google webpage"); +ok($agent->get(""), "Get google webpage"); isa_ok($agent->{uri}, "URI", "Set uri"); isa_ok($agent->{req}, 'HTTP::Request', "req should be a HTTP::Request"); @@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ #line 202 lib/WWW/ my $t = WWW::Automate->new(); -$t->get(""); +isa_ok( $t, 'WWW::Automate' ); +$t->get(""); ok($t->form(1), "Can select the first form"); is($t->{form}, $t->{forms}->[0], "Set the form attribute"); ok(! $t->form(99), "Can't select the 99th form"); @@ -84,7 +85,8 @@ #line 253 lib/WWW/ my $t = WWW::Automate->new(); -$t->get(""); +isa_ok( $t, 'WWW::Automate' ); +$t->get(""); $t->field(q => "foo"); ok($t->click("btnG"), "Can click 'btnG' ('Google Search' button)"); like($t->{content}, qr/foo\s?fighters/i, "Found 'Foo Fighters'");

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