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Id: 56287
Status: resolved
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Queue: Chart-Clicker

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Subject: Missing whatis entries
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text/plain 2.4k
Hi there: First off, thanks very much for your contribution to CPAN. Your module looks really neat and I was hoping to use it to generate some of my own graphs when I had some more free time for hacking. I'm currently packaging your module for Debian because I think it will be quite useful for a lot of people. One issue I'm having right now is all the so-called "whatis" entries that are missing from your package. Whatis entries are used by apropos and mandb, and are a short description arranged in your POD like so: =head1 NAME Module::Name - thingy to do stuff It is common convention that the dash reads like "is a", so the whatis entry must start with a noun; in the above example: "Module::Name is a thingy to do stuff" Incidentally, these whatis entries are also displayed in your distribution page next to module names: - It's really useful for giving people a quick idea of what each module does and how it fits into the overall design of the package as a whole. As of writing (version 2.60), only Chart::Clicker itself and Chart::Clicker::Positioned have whatis entries. This description from lintian, one of Debian's Quality Assurance tools, might also be informative: W: libchart-clicker-perl: manpage-has-bad-whatis-entry usr/share/man/man3/Chart::Clicker::Axis.3pm.gz N: N: Each manual page should start with a "NAME" section, which lists the N: name and a brief description of the page separated by "\-". The "NAME" N: section is parsed by lexgrog and used to generate a database that's N: queried by commands like apropos and whatis. This tag indicates that N: lexgrog was unable to parse the NAME section of this manual page. N: N: For manual pages that document multiple programs, functions, files, or N: other things, the part before "\-" should list each separated by a comma N: and a space. Each thing listed must not contain spaces; a man page for a N: two-part command like "fs listacl" must use something like "fs_listacl" N: in the "NAME" section so that it can be parsed by lexgrog. N: N: Refer to the lexgrog(1) manual page, the groff_man(7) manual page, and N: the groff_mdoc(7) manual page for details. N: N: Severity: normal, Certainty: certain I hope to hear from you soon, as I'd like to get this package into Debian as quickly as possible. I've already packaged all of Chart::Clicker's dependencies, so the module itself is the last piece in the puzzle. Cheers, Jonathan
Happy to! I'll try and get this done in the next day or so. Thanks!
Fixed in 2.61. Thanks!
Download (untitled) / with headers
text/plain 598b
Hi Cory, Reopening this ticket (sorry!) because Chart::Clicker::Tutorial is still missing a proper whatis entry. I don't need you to cut a new release for that, as Debian is using a patch to add this for the 2.63 release, but if you could roll it into your version control so that it's fixed for a future release, we can remove the patch at a later date. Here's a simple patch: --- a/lib/Chart/Clicker/Tutorial.pod +++ b/lib/Chart/Clicker/Tutorial.pod @@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ =head1 NAME -Chart::Clicker::Tutorial +Chart::Clicker::Tutorial - tutorial for using Chart::Clicker =head1 DESCRIPTION
Fixed in (soon to come 2.63)
Er, 2.64 i mean.

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