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Subject: CustomFields not set unless user/group has SeeQueue Rights
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 11:28:50 -0400
To: <>
From: "David DeLauro" <>
I'm using: RT::Extension::CommandByMail Version 0.07 perl -v This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i386-linux-thread-multi uname -a Linux #1 SMP Fri Sep 25 04:56:58 EDT 2009 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux I've installed Request Tracker via yum on the feodra box and CommandByMail via cpan. Everything seems to work great except in the case of a regular user (non-superuser) when he/she tries to set a custom field via email. I've granted the users/groups various rights dealing with the custom fields (config-cf-field-rights and config-global-rights) but none of the rights that deal with custom fields has any effect. Basically what happens is: A user sends an email with commands in it. The regular commands work (e.g. Queue, TimeWorked, etc) but the CF.{FieldName}: doesn't work. The CF variables are not set. Now the user can go to the web interface on that ticket and set the custom field without issue... it's only through email that this does not work. The only workaround I have found is to grant the user/group SeeQueue rights... which is not ideal in that they can see all the queues in the system. Is this a bug or should the SeeQueue right be required to set CustomFields variables via email.... --
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