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Subject: Installations on Windows
C:\>cpan Catalyst::View::Email::Template
Database was generated on Thu, 14 Jan 2010 08:21:37 GMT
Running install for module 'Catalyst::View::Email::Template'
Running make for D/DH/DHOSS/Catalyst-View-Email-0.16.tar.gz
Checksum for C:\strawberry\cpan\sources\authors\id\D\DH\DHOSS\Catalyst-View-Email-0.16.tar.gz ok Going to build D/DH/DHOSS/Catalyst-View-Email-0.16.tar.gz

Cannot determine perl version info from lib/Catalyst/View/
*** Module::AutoInstall version 1.03
*** Checking for Perl dependencies...
*** Since we're running under CPAN, I'll just let it take care
    of the dependency's installation later.
[Core Features]
- Catalyst              ...loaded. (5.80015 >= 5.7)
- Moose                 ...loaded. (0.93 >= 0.93)
- parent                ...loaded. (0.223)
- Email::Sender::Simple ...missing. (would need 0.100110)
- Email::MIME           ...missing. (would need 1.859)
- Email::MIME::Creator  ...missing. (would need 1.455)
[Template Toolkit Support]
- Catalyst::View::TT    ...loaded. (0.31)
[Mason Support]
- Catalyst::View::Mason ...missing.
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==> Auto-install the 1 optional module(s) from CPAN? [n]
[Net::SMTP Support]
- MIME::Base64          ...loaded. (3.08)
- Authen::SASL          ...loaded. (2.13)
*** Module::AutoInstall configuration finished.
The 'makemaker_args' method does not exist in the 'inc' path!
Please remove the 'inc' directory and run Makefile.PL again to load it.
(C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL exited with 65280)

CPAN::Reporter: Makefile.PL result is 'unknown', Stopped with an error.
CPAN::Reporter: preparing a CPAN Testers report for Catalyst-View-Email-0.16
Do you want to review or edit the test report? (yes/no) [no]
Do you want to send the report? (yes/no) [yes]
CPAN::Reporter: test report will not be sent
Warning: No success on command[C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL]
  C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe Makefile.PL -- NOT OK
Running make test
  Make had some problems, won't test
Running make install
  Make had some problems, won't install

After locating the cpan download folder (c:\strawberry\cpan\build\Catalyst-View-Email-0.16-GmLiiv), I removed the `inc` directory, then ran `perl Makefile.PL` and `dmake`. Installation went fine.
On Fri Jan 15 02:31:57 2010, dandv wrote:
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> After locating the cpan download folder > (c:\strawberry\cpan\build\Catalyst-View-Email-0.16-GmLiiv), > I removed the `inc` directory, then ran `perl Makefile.PL` and > `dmake`. > Installation went fine.
I have rebuilt the dist with Dist::Zilla. This should clean up those errors, so upon CPAN's dequeueing of it this install issue should be resolved.

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