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Subject: GD::Simple->arc() start and end angles are incorrect
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Version: there is none, there is only a single release in CPAN dated 2004 Problem: Calling $img->arc($width,$height,$start_angle,$end_angle); should draw an ellipse from $start_angle to $end_angle (angles in degrees). However, this only works properly if the width and height are the same - i.e. you are drawing part of a circle. If the shape is elliptical, the angles that the arc starts and end at are not the ones specified in the arguments. Thus: $img->arc(300,200,240,120); should draw an arc from 240 degrees to 120 degress. It doesn't. The start angle is more like 230 degrees and the end angle is approximately 130 degrees - measured from the "centre" of the ellipse, the point "moveTo'd" before the call to arc() See the included demo file for a graphic illustration of this mistake.
text/x-perl 1.6k
#!/usr/bin/perl use GD::Simple; $PI=3.141526; $RADIAN=360/(2*$PI); $img = GD::Simple->new(800,800); $img->fgcolor('gray'); $img->bgcolor(undef); for $i (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700) { $img->moveTo(0,$i); $img->lineTo(799,$i); } for $i (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700) { $img->moveTo($i,0); $img->lineTo($i,799); } $img->rectangle(0,0,799,799); # draw basic circle $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->ellipse(600,600); $img->fgcolor('black'); #label outside of circle for ($i=0; $i < 360;$i+=(360/24)) { $n = ($i+90) / $RADIAN; $x = 300 * sin $n; $y = 300 * cos $n; $img->moveTo(400+$x, 400-$y); $img->string($i); # N.B. the "string" changes the origin $img->moveTo(400+$x, 400-$y); $img->lineTo(400,400); # so we have to go back there } # plot an arc $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('green'); $img->arc(500,500,60,300); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('green'); $img->arc(490,490,60,280); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('green'); $img->arc(480,480,60,240); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('green'); $img->arc(470,470,60,180); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('blue'); $img->arc(300,200,240,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('blue'); $img->arc(290,190,210,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('blue'); $img->arc(280,180,180,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('blue'); $img->arc(270,170,150,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('red'); $img->arc(400,400,240,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('red'); $img->arc(390,390,210,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('red'); $img->arc(380,380,180,120); $img->moveTo(400,400); $img->fgcolor('red'); $img->arc(370,370,150,120); print $img->png;
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arc just passes its arguments through to gdImageArc() It only checks if the center is needed and if the arc if filled or not. See Arithmetic errors are solely on libgd side. -- Reini Urban

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