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Subject: Missing perl core modules GDBM_File + NDBM_File
Hi, I have prepared binaries for external library gdbm-1.8.3 which allow to compile GDBM_File + NDBM_File Lib gdbm-1.8.3 binaries (ready to just unpacking into c:\strawberry): However we need a little patches to GDBM_File and NDBM_File - unfortunately both perl core modules (non dual live). It means a patch to perl core - there are two threads already started at perl5-porters list: 1) thread started in November by CSJEWELL (seems to fall on the floor): 2) thread started yesterday by me: CURTIS: could you please post sort of a supportive e-mail as a re: to the second thread mentioned above? As a well-known win32/perl "celebrity" you might move it forward better than me. The patched versions of both discussed perl modules that can be installed via "pip" are also available here: -- kmx
Just for record - I have created the following two RTs (perl core):

Unfortunately according the message I got from Jesse Vincent - he is not sure if these RTs will make 5.12.0.


I'm working on GDBM_File right now for January, NDBM_File will wait until April. Will link a URL in once everything is done with GDBM_File.
Added change (r11017) that builds GDBM_File to the reference list.
(note: Patch for GDBM_File was accepted for Perl 5.12.0 - link in references.)
Hi Curtis,

thanks for your support with GDBM_File patch to perl core.

As for the NDBM_File:
*) you will need
*) you have to link with "-lgdbm_compat -lgdbm"  (which means patching Makefile.PL)

You can quickly test my already patched version:

WHAT I DO NOT KNOW IS  how should parameter "LIBS=>[ '...', '...' ]" in Makefile.PL correctly work if you specify a list of more than one item. Please have a look on my post here:

My idea was simply to add the new item to the list like:
LIBS=>[ '...', '...', '-lgdbm_compat -lgdbm' ]
But it does not work on Win32 (for some reason just the first item of LIBS array is considered).


I want to add NDBM_File for April, so adding it to the tracking bug.
fixed in

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