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Subject: [Patch] POD nits
The attached patch (against 0.73) fixes some POD, which renders wrong, at least at Please note the add whitespace too: $self->{'DAT'} => $self->{' DAT'}
Subject: pod.patch
diff --git a/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ b/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ index ed916b5..552035f 100644 --- a/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ +++ b/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ @@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Glyf - The Glyf data table =head1 DESCRIPTION This is a stub table. The real data is held in the loca table. If you want to get a glyf -look it up in the loca table as C<$f->{'loca'}{'glyphs'}[$num]>. It won't be here! +look it up in the loca table as C<< $f->{'loca'}{'glyphs'}[$num] >>. It won't be here! The difference between reading this table as opposed to the loca table is that reading this table will cause updated glyphs to be written out rather than just diff --git a/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ b/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ index 14a6881..5df61d8 100644 --- a/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ +++ b/lib/PDF/API2/Basic/TTF/ @@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ when the whole glyph is read (via C<read_dat>): =item instLen Number of bytes in the hinting instructions (Warning this variable is deprecated, -use C<length($g->{'hints'})> instead). +use C<< length($g->{'hints'}) >> instead). =item hints @@ -502,7 +502,7 @@ sub XML_element =head2 $g->update -Generates a C<$self->{'DAT'}> from the internal structures, if the data has +Generates a C<< $self->{' DAT'} >> from the internal structures, if the data has been read into structures in the first place. If you are building a glyph from scratch you will need to set the instance variable C<' read'> to 2 (or something > 1) for the update to work.
I've removed PDF::API2::Basic::TTF from the latest release and am using Font::TTF instead (it appears to have been copy-pasted into PDF::API2 in an earlier release). If the same issues are present in Font::TTF, I'd recommend creating a bug in that distribution instead.

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