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This queue is for tickets about the Net-EPP CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 49487
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Net-EPP

Owner: Nobody in particular
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Severity: Normal
Broken in: (no value)
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: A couple of POD format fixes
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text/plain 299b
As part of the Debian packaging of your excellent Net-EPP distribution, I came across a couple of syntax errors in the POD files - pretty much all of them misplaced =over and =back tags. What do you think about the enclosed patch? Thanks a lot for writing and maintaining this suite of modules!
Subject: 01-manpages.patch
Download 01-manpages.patch
text/x-diff 1.7k
Description: Fix some POD syntax errors. I'll forward this ASAP. Origin: other: svn:// Author: Peter Pentchev <> Forwarded: no Last-Update: 2009-07-07 --- a/lib/Net/EPP/ +++ b/lib/Net/EPP/ @@ -70,10 +70,10 @@ C<Net::EPP::ResponseCodes> exports the following constants. The number in brackets is the integer value associated with the constant. -=over - =head2 Successful command completion responses (1nnn) +=over + =item OK (1000) =item OK_PENDING (1001) @@ -84,10 +84,14 @@ =item OK_BYE (1500) +=back + =head2 Command error responses (2nnn) =head3 Protocol Syntax +=over + =item UNKNOWN_COMMAND (2000) =item SYNTAX_ERROR (2001) @@ -100,8 +104,12 @@ =item PARAM_SYNTAX_ERROR (2005) +=back + =head3 Implementation-specific Rules +=over + =item UNIMPLEMENTED_VERSION (2100) =item UNIMPLEMENTED_COMMAND (2101) @@ -116,8 +124,12 @@ =item NOT_TRANSFERRABLE (2106) +=back + =head3 Security (22nn) +=over + =item AUTHENTICATION_ERROR (2200) =item AUTHORISATION_ERROR (2201) @@ -126,8 +138,12 @@ =item INVALID_AUTH_INFO (2202) +=back + =head3 Data Management (23nn) +=over + =item OBJECT_PENDING_TRANSFER (2300) =item OBJECT_NOT_PENDING_TRANSFER (2301) @@ -146,12 +162,20 @@ =item DATA_MGMT_POLICY_VIOLATION (2308) +=back + =head3 Server System (24nn) +=over + =item COMMAND_FAILED (2400) +=back + =head3 Connection Management (25nn) +=over + =item COMMAND_FAILED_BYE (2500) =item AUTH_FAILED_BYE (2501) --- a/lib/Net/EPP/ +++ b/lib/Net/EPP/ @@ -248,6 +248,8 @@ =pod +=back + =head1 Retrieving Object Information You can retrieve information about an object by using one of the following:
Fixed in SVN. Sorry for the delay.

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