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Subject: DBD::Oracle support
Hi, I was surprised how easily it is possible to install DBD::Oracle support into strawberry perl. As saying "strawberry supports Oracle DB" sounds appealing (at least from marketing point of view) I have created this post with a proposal to include DBD::Oracle support into strawberry release. What I am proposing is "MySQL way" that means including already compiled and installed perl module with all required DLLs. So how you can install DBD::Oracle: 1) From download the following - Instant Client Package - Basic Lite (approx. 17MB) - Instant Client Package - SDK (approx. 1MB) (currently version 2) Unpack both into e.g. d:\ora\instantclient_11_1 3) Download and unpack DBD-Oracle-1.23 (e.g. into c:\build\DBD-Oracle-1.23) 4) Build and install steps: set ORACLE_HOME=c:\ora\instantclient_11_1 set PATH=%PATH%;c:\ora\instantclient_11_1 (the previous 2 sets you need just for building not for using)
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cpan> look DBD::Oracle
perl makefile.PL -V dmake dmake install copy c:\ora\instantclient_11_1\oci.dll D:\cfgaudit\_\strawberry\perl\site\lib\auto\DBD\Oracle\oci.dll NOTE: of course you can run tests - you will need some running Oracle DB And the most interesting is that it not only installs quite easily it also works :) The only thing I am not sure about is copying OCI.DLL from Oracle Instant Client into strawberry distribution. However according the licence agreement I guess it might be possible (of course including the license agreement into c:\strawberry\licenses). Somebody has to check whether it is legal to take OCI.DLL from Oracle Instant Client (I am neither a native english speaker/reader nor a lawyer). I want to do more testing with real DB - I will post my results here. -- kmx
Testing against real Oracle 10g release 2 revealed: 1) DBD::Oracle really works :) 2) Oracle Instant Client Light is not enough if you want to talk to DB with exotic NLS_CHARACTERSET (like my database). So we have to use Full Oracle Instant Client. 3) oci.dll is not enough - for "exotic" charset support you will also need at least oraociei11.dll (117MB!!) from Full Oracle Instant Client To sum up: - my original idea was wrong - DBD::Oracle means: 1) 100MB+ of Oracle DLLs; 2) license problems So we should probably put Oracle@strawberry off for a while. Sorry for useless RT. -- kmx
(Setting this to stalled until can do better)

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