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Subject: Ext-lib: Zlib support - change proposal
Hi, this is another post regarding external binary libraries included in strawberry distribution. Why do I want to discuss ZLIB? The main reason is this: despite the fact that ZLIB is already included in strawberry it is not possible to use the most common linker option -lz to link against it and most of the makefiles end up under strawberry with undetected zlib. What is currently included in strawberry distribution: ...\c\bin\zlib1.dll ...\c\include\zconf.h ...\c\include\zlib.h ...\c\lib\zlib.lib ...\c\lib\zdll.lib ...\c\lib\zlib1.a To understand the problem it is good to remind how mingw linker (ld.exe) does the library search. If you use a linker option -lxxx (where xxx is a libname) the mingw liker tries in given order the following files for c:\strawberry\c\lib (or any other dirs specified by -L option): - libxxx.dll.a - xxx.dll.a - libxxx.a - xxx.lib - libxxx.dll (yes, you can link directly with a DLL) - xxx.dll So obviously Zlib in current strawberry works just with the following ld options: -lzdll -lzlib However the mingw linker is not the only important element - you also need to satisfy ExtUtils::MakeMaker as it converts '-lxxx' options specified in INC param of WriteMakefile into full paths to corresponding *.a files. If a perl module has Makefile.PL like this: *** use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile( LIBS => '-lz -lzlib -lzdll -llibz -lzlib1' ); *** On current strawberry will such a Makefile.PL end up with the following: Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lz Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lzlib Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lzdll Note (probably harmless): No library found for -llibz So only quite unusual and rarely used "-lzlib1" works. Important notes about ExtUtils::MakeMaker: - it seems that it ignores *.lib files - it has some Artificial Intelligence - e.g. for -lxxx it checks the existence of 'xxx.a' as well as 'libxxx.a' After some research it turned out that crazy makefile authors are using quite a lot variations for zlib linker option on Win32 platform. Here is the list of all occurrences I have found: -lz -lzlib -llibz -lzdll -lzlib1 I guess that strawberry should definitely support at least the most frequently used option -lz and perhaps also some others. But before I start with my suggestions what files to add/remove from strawberry package it is important to mention that ZLIB has sort of recommended-best-practice that can be found on - in short: - they advise to use official Zlib for Win32 release from - it talks just about dynamic linking - they prefer using the original ZLIB1.DLL from (not the same as ZLIB1.DLL in strawberry) - the official README.txt recommends for mingw to generate libzdll.a lib file (it implicates -lzdll ld option) Another more or less official Win32 release of Zlib comes from - this distribution contains both static and dynamic variant - the binaries (*.dll) and libs (*.a) were built with mingw compiler - they use officially recommended DLL name zlib1.dll (but the actual DLL is not identical to the one from - apart from they offer a static libz.a After some investigation it turned out that Zlib included in strawbery comes probably from binary build available at I guess it was taken together with XML2 binaries that are originated from the same source. - zlib1.dll from = zlib1.dll copy from gnuwin32 - zconf.h/zlib.h from = zconf.h/zlib.h from - *.lib files from were probably compiled from sources SUGGESTION 1) I would like to propose abandoning Zlib binaries and use binaries from gnuwin32 instead. If you will agree with my proposal to used our own build of LIBXML2/XSLT (discussed here: it will not be necessary to have Zlib from the same source. SUGGESTION 2) If we decide to have our own build of XML2/XSLT we can link zlib into xml2 statically and get completely rid of ZLIB1.DLL - after a discussion with jdb on IRC I agree that the static linking is the right way to avoid many problems. SUGGESTION 3) In my opinion we should support at least the following linker option -lz (means to have c:\strawberry\c\lib\libz.a) -lzlib (means to have c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzlib.a) I suggest both to be a static *.a libraries. I am not sure if we need to support also other variations (e.g. -llibz -lzdll -lzlib1) - it is just about some disk space for additional *.a files. To sum up - I propose to import the following files from gnuwin32 into strawberry: -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zconf.h -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zlib.h -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libz.a -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzlib.a (duplicate) +remove existing Zlib based on binaries I would appreciate any feedback to this proposal. -- kmx
If we decide to include additional libraries - e.g. graphics libraries discussed here: - we are probably not able to avoid zlib1.dll. So idea of not including zlib1.dll was wrong. My updated proposal of using gnuwin32 zlib binaries is the following: -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zconf.h -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zlib.h -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzdll.a -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libz.a -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzlib.a It means - using: -lz -lzdll = dynamic linking (dependency on zlib1.dll) - using: -lzlib = static linking (no DLL dependency) Or maybe we should only support zlib with dynamic linking and not to include static *.a at all - zlib1.dll will be there anyway so why to bother with static linking. Somebody should decide this. -- kmx
After another analyses I would go "100% dynamic linking" way. That means: -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zconf.h -> c:\strawberry\c\include\zlib.h -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzdll.a -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libz.a -> c:\strawberry\c\lib\libzlib.a The only question is: do we want gnuwin32 or binary?
Just to record the latest agreement with CSJewell from IRC: - we are gonna use binaries - we are gonna support dynamic linking only
Hi, the enclosed is ready for release - it uses official ZLIB from - it supports just dynamic linking - it supports linker options -lz -lzdll -lzlib -- kmx

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