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Id: 45453
Status: new
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Queue: ExtUtils-MakeMaker

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Severity: Wishlist
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Subject: [Fwd: [Win32] Feature request: acknowledge $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH}]
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 14:41:35 -0700
To: via RT <bug-ExtUtils-MakeMaker [...]>
From: Michael G Schwern <schwern [...]>
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-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [Win32] Feature request: acknowledge $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH} Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 17:48:54 +1000 From: Sisyphus <> To: makemaker <> Hi, Could the attached patch (against version 6.50 of ExtUtils/Liblist/ be applied ? It adds extra directories to $Config{libpth}, and thus enables additional libraries to be found without having to specify their locations with the '-L' switch (iff those locations have been specified in $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH}). gcc (in general, not *just* on windows) already searches the locations specified in $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH} - we just need to enable MakeMaker to find them, and this patch does that for Windows. We could even port this feature to other operating systems - though we'd have to split on $Config{path_sep} rather than ';' and the code would have to be moved out of sub _win32_ext. However, I doubt that there's much call for this on other systems. In fact, there's probably not even much of a demand for this on Windows - but it would certainly be a useful feature for me. Cheers, Rob -- 31. Not allowed to let sock puppets take responsibility for any of my actions. -- The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army
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--- C:/_32/comp/Extutils-Makemaker-6.50/lib/Extutils/Liblist/ Sun Apr 26 09:12:00 2009 +++ C:/perl510_M/5.10.0/lib/ExtUtils/Liblist/ Sun Apr 26 09:21:40 2009 @@ -267,6 +267,11 @@ push @libpath, split /;/, $ENV{LIB}; } + # For the benefit of MinGW: + if ($GC and exists $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH} and $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH}) { + push @libpath, split /;/, $ENV{LIBRARY_PATH}; + } + foreach (Text::ParseWords::quotewords('\s+', 0, $potential_libs)){ my $thislib = $_;

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