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Subject: SQLLOADER contol file bug?
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:58:02 +0100
To: <bug-Oracle-SQLLoader [...]>
From: "Daniel Kavanagh" <Daniel.Kavanagh [...]>
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Hello, Perl version: This is perl, v5.8.1 built for IA64.ARCHREV_0-LP64 Operating System: HP-UX mtnit02 B.11.23 # $Id:,v 1.43 2005-07-28 03:10:23 ezra Exp $ I'm trying to specify the destination of the control file but it is not working. It works for the log and bad files though. The control file is defaulting to the directory in which the infile is. Any advice? My code is as follows #Append the file path to file name my $file_name_path = $file_dir_path.'/'.$file_name; #Generate the paths and filenames for the control, log and bad files my $control_file_path = $error_dir_path.'/'.$file_name.'.ctl'; my $log_file_path = $error_dir_path.'/'.$file_name.'.log'; my $bad_file_path = $error_dir_path.'/'.$file_name.'.bad'; my $discard_file_path = $error_dir_path.'/'.$file_name.'.discard'; $ldr = new Oracle::SQLLoader( infile => $file_name_path, terminated_by => ',', username => $user, password => $pass, control_file => $control_file_path, logfile => $log_file_path, badfile => $bad_file_path, discardfile => $discard_file_path, cleanup => 0 ); I was looking at the code for generating the control file... Not 100% about it but should the line my $cmd = "$exe control=$self->{'_control_file'} ". Be my $cmd = "$exe control=$self->{'_cfg_global'}{'_control_file'} ". i.e. be preceded by a {'_cfg_global'} sub executeLoader { my $self = shift; $self->generateControlfile(); # if ($self->{'_OSTYPE'} ne 'WIN') { my $exe = $ENV{'ORACLE_HOME'}."/bin/$SQLLDRBIN"; my $cmd = "$exe control=$self->{'_control_file'} ". "userid=$self->{'_cfg_global'}{'userid'} ". "log=$self->{'_cfg_global'}{'logfile'} 2>&1"; Any advice? Thanks and regards, Daniel Kavanagh Senior Development Consultant
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