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Status: resolved
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Subject: forking schema test is flawed
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SQLite specifically prohibits the use of a single database handle across processes: "Under UNIX, you should not carry an open SQLite database across a fork() system call into the child process. Problems will result if you do." Yet that seems to be exactly what the module is testing under t\70schemachange.t Fortunately, it works sometimes. But it fails just as often. Also,the return value for waitpid is less than zero for a success on Windows. So only -1 should be tested as per docs (possibly 0 too can be tested for). Anyway, this patch fixes the problem, at the expense of no longer testing forking - which shouldn't work anyway. The advantage of applying this would be that CPAN testers reports going way up. Many fail for this reason alone. --- DBD-SQLite-1.14\t\70schemachange.t Wed Aug 22 20:11:41 2007 +++ DBD-SQLite-1.14x\t\70schemachange.t Thu Feb 19 14:38:20 2009 @@ -63,6 +63,10 @@ if (!defined($pid = fork())) { die("fork: $!"); } elsif ($pid == 0) { + if ($^O =~ /win32/i) { + # sqlite prohibits thread sharing parent connection + $dbh = DBI->connect($test_dsn, $test_user, $test_password); + } # Child: drop the second table if (!$state) { $dbh->do("DROP TABLE $table2") @@ -74,8 +78,13 @@ } # Parent: wait for the child to finish, then attempt to use the database - Test(waitpid($pid, 0) >= 0) or print("waitpid: $!\n"); + Test(waitpid($pid, 0) != -1) or print("waitpid: $!\n"); + if ($^O =~ /win32/i) { + # schema changed, need to reconnect + $dbh = DBI->connect($test_dsn, $test_user, $test_password); + } + Test($state or $dbh->do("DROP TABLE $table1")) or DbiError($dbh->err, $dbh->errstr);
The schemachange test now disconnects before the fork.

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