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Id: 42660
Status: new
Priority: 0/
Queue: CPAN

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: Marek.Rouchal [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 1.9301
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Distroprefs should support global env settings and coderefs
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text/plain 2.2k
Distroprefs was - for me - the greatest recent improvement of CPAN! However, I am missing two things: 1. The yml structure should support a global definition for environment variable settings, like this: --- matches: "..." env: CFLAGS: "-O2" pl: env: LDFLAGS="-R /mylibpath" I.e., the individual steps (get, pl, make, test, install) would use both the global env settings and the individual ones, and the individual ones override global ones. 2. Allow Perl coderefs as values: The configuration variable yaml_load_code suggests that this would be possible, but that only enables the YAML parser to read code definitions; the CPAN module however does not understand coderefs (yet); the following error appears when loading a file with a coderef (with yaml_load_code=1): CPAN: Kwalify loaded ok (v1.19) validation of distropref '/tmp2/Perl/Distroprefs/INGY.YAML.yml'[0] against schema '/opt/perl_5.8.8/lib/CPAN/Kwalify/distroprefs.yml' failed: - [/pl/env/CFLAGS] Non-valid data 'CODE(0x8eb115c)', expected text The attached script demonstrates that YAML supports code refs well (although the deparse does not work for "use"). The code snippet below shows how both items can be solved - I took the "pl" task as an example, near line 7869 of; the enabling of coderefs has to be coded elsewhere, too - maybe a central "_get_pref ()" which evaluates either coderefs or scalars would make sense (including error handling): sub _get_pref { my ($key, $val) = @_; if(ref($val) && ref($val) eq 'CODE') { my $ret = eval { &$val() }; if($@) { $CPAN::Frontend->myprint("Could not evaluate code for $key: $@"); return; } return $ret; } return $val; } ... near 7869 of ... my %pl_env; if ($self->prefs->{env}) { %pl_env = %{$self->prefs->{env}}; } if ($self->prefs->{pl}) { %pl_env = (%pl_env, %{$self->prefs->{pl}{env}}; } for my $e (keys %pl_env) { my $val = _get_pref($e => $pl_env{$e}); $ENV{$e} = $val if defined $val; } I am sorry for not providing a full patch - that's because I am not sure whether my approach is the right one; maybe you have a better idea how to enable the two improvements. Many thanks for your considerations, and keep up the good work! Cheers, Marek
text/x-perl 387b
#!/opt/perl_5.8.8/bin/perl -w use strict; use YAML qw(Load Dump); $YAML::UseCode = 1; my @yaml = Load(<<'EOY'); --- pl: env: CFLAGS: !!perl/code | { use Config; return $Config{'ccflags'} . ' ' .$Config{'optimize'}; } EOY print "CFLAGS=",&{$yaml[0]->{pl}->{env}->{CFLAGS}},"\n\n"; print "Loaded YAML with coderef:\n",Dump(\@yaml),"\n\n"; exit 0;

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