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The Basics
Id: 42280
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: DBD-Oracle

Owner: champoux [...]
Requestors: RADEK [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 1.22
Fixed in: 1.23

Subject: Fails to "select ... from" with an MDSYS.XMLTYPE column
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text/plain 944b
Encountered when I tried to use DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader. At some point, it encounters the sdo_coord_op_param_vals table, which looks like this in sqlplus: Show quoted text
SQL> describe sdo_coord_op_param_vals
Name Null? Type ----------------------------------------- -------- ---------------------------- COORD_OP_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(10) COORD_OP_METHOD_ID NUMBER(10) PARAMETER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(10) PARAMETER_VALUE FLOAT(49) PARAM_VALUE_FILE_REF VARCHAR2(254) PARAM_VALUE_FILE CLOB PARAM_VALUE_XML MDSYS.XMLTYPE UOM_ID NUMBER(10) DBD::Oracle fails like this: $ perl -MDBI -wle '$dbh=DBI->connect("dbi:Oracle:host=localhost;sid=xe", "login", "password") or die; $d->do("select * from sdo_coord_op_param_vals")' DBD::Oracle::db do failed: ORA-22318: input type is not an array type (DBD ERROR: OCIAttrGet) [for Statement "select * from sdo_coord_op_param_vals"] at -e line 1.
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text/plain 376b
Well I did not fully fix this. It will do the select of a 'XMLTYPE' field from a table however it just returns a undef. So it is more of a Kludge than anything else There is no direct way to read an XMLTYPE in OCI (there are some hidden ones but I have never been able get much info on them) You will find the fixed code at

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