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The Basics
Id: 41742
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: IPC-System-Simple

Owner: PJF [...]
Requestors: frequency [...]

Bug Information
Severity: (no value)
Broken in: 0.16
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Failing Author Test (t/core)
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text/plain 1.4k
Hi: The error message for Perl crashing has inexplicably changed sometime between 5.8.8 and 5.10.0. So, while your test works beautifully under 5.8.8, it fails under 5.10.0 with the message: t/08_core.............1/3 # Failed test at t/08_core.t line 45. # '"/usr/bin/perl" died to signal "ABRT" (6) at t/08_core.t line 41 # ' # doesn't match '(?-xism:dumped core)' # Looks like you failed 1 test of 3. t/08_core............. Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100) Failed 1/3 subtests As you can see, the error message changed to only specify the signal, and does not mention whether or not a core file has been dumped. One of the Perl Packagers (Gregor Herrmann) for Debian came up with a simple patch to this; instead of checking for the text, the idea is to check for the actual core file. This is probably less than ideal, but it works: Index: t/08_core.t =================================================================== --- t/08_core.t (revision 28282) +++ t/08_core.t (working copy) @@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ use constant SIGABRT => 6; BEGIN { + unlink 't/core' if -f 't/core'; if (not $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR}) { plan skip_all => 'Author test. Set $ENV{TEST_AUTHOR} to true to run.' } @@ -42,5 +45,5 @@ }; like($@, qr/died to signal/); - like($@, qr/dumped core/); + ok(-s 'core', 'core file exists'); } Also pasted to
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text/plain 578b
G'day Frequency, My apologies for the slow response to this ticket. Perl 5.10 did indeed cause problems for IPC::System::Simple, but due to core dump information not being correctly reported in $? on some platforms, most notably Linux. A patch has entered bleadperl which will resolve this issue on Perl 5.10.1 (when it is released), and a workaround applied to IPC::System::Simple so that it correctly reports core dumps on 5.10.0, regardless of platform. This was released in version 1.17 of IPC::System::Simple. Many thanks for the report, and all the very best, Paul

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