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Id: 41580
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Mouse

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: VOVKASM [...]
Cc: autarch [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Critical
Broken in: 0.12
Fixed in: (no value)

CC: autarch [...]
Subject: Squirrel isn't usable after latest moose update
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Hi, After Moose update 0.62->0.63 (because this I add Dave to CC, may be he can help), modules uses Squirrel in some cases will break. I try simplify test case (in attachment) maximum, but it requires Data::Visitor. Problem in my eyes: 1. Data::Visitor, uses Squirrel Data::Visitor::Callback subclass of Data::Visitor, uses Squirrel Squirrel uses Mouse or Moose depend on INC 2. from test case Some module uses Data::Visitor (before Moose loaded) - Mouse in game... Next, another module load Moose and try use Data::Visitor::Callback - Moose in game!!! but parent class already use Mouse In that place something wrong now :-| PS. "critical" because it completely break any big Catalyst app, if that application uses Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu... It is a workaround - load Moose before any catalyst stuff, but...
#!perl my $data = 'ok'; print "1..2\n"; eval { test1::ok($data); 1 } or print "not ok - $@\n"; eval { test2::ok($data); 1 } or print "not ok - $@\n"; print "perl was: $]\n"; print "Mouse was: $Mouse::VERSION\n"; print "Moose was: $Moose::VERSION\n"; package test1; use Data::Visitor; use base 'Data::Visitor'; sub visit_value { print $_[1],"\n" } sub ok { print @Data::Visitor::ISA,"\n"; my $v = test1->new; $v->visit(shift); } package test2; use Moose; # comment this and all will be ok use Data::Visitor::Callback; sub ok { print @Data::Visitor::ISA,"\n"; my $v = Data::Visitor::Callback->new(value => sub { print $_[1],"\n" }); $v->visit(shift); }
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> Squirrel uses Mouse or Moose depend on INC
After some thinking: may be the best to change this behaviour to: "Squirrel uses Mouse if Moose not installed at all" (use Class::Inspector->installed for ex) ?
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Hi Vovkasm, Squirrel is being deprecated in favor of Any::Moose which gets this right by making the "use Moose or Mouse" decision only once. Please use that instead. :) Shawn

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