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CC: <>
Subject: stack overflow in the PDF::API2
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:23:37 -0800
To: <>
From: "Sergei Fetisov" <>

Dear Alfred,


We are using the PDF::API2 package with ActiveState Perl 5.8 under Windows XP/2003.

This is an extremely helpful package. Unfortunately, recently I found an issue.

There is a non optimized regular expression at PDF::API2::Basic::PDF::File package, line 648:


$str =~ /^((?:[^\\()]|\\[^()])*)(.*)/so;


Perl5.8 has a recursion code in the regexp engine.

The pattern could contain of a huge number of matches and invoke a deep recursion.

So the regular expression engine is running out of stack space and it causes segmentation fault.

For example, it happens when PDF file contains of the really big metadata (e.g. 30000 characters in the Keywords field).


I think the next regular expression could be used instead and it should resolve the issue:

$str =~ /^(\\?[^\\()]+)(.*)/so;


We are going to update the Perl version up to 5.10 in the future and it has to fix the problem too.

In the meanwhile, we would like to let you know about the issue and it will be great if you have a chance to fix it.


Thank you,


Sergei Fetisov
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Stratify, an Iron Mountain Company
501 Ellis Street
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: 650-963-3989
Fax: 650-988-2159


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I've rewritten this section of the code in changeset 9c94b7cf1700 (see the BitBucket repository) in such a way that this issue should be resolved. Since there aren't any tests exercising this code in a significant way, I'll try this version out at my work for a while before releasing it, to see if any new errors pop up.

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