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Subject: CPAN installs pause due to 'ncftp' usage message
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 22:03:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Arthur Dunham <>
After updating the CPAN Bundle (ver 1.9301), some package installs would hang. My urllist in CPAN has http hosts present. It appears that the first one is an older one that is now broken ( The 'get' first tried to pull the bundle with LWP (which failed). It then tried to use ncftpget. It seems that package is unable to retreive from a 'http://' url, so it just tosses up a (multi-page) usage message, which requires a keypress to dismiss due to the pager. Pretty low priority, but could cpan avoid trying to retrieve non-ftp urls via ncftpget? cpan[1]> get GBARR/TimeDate-1.16.tar.gz CPAN: Storable loaded ok (v2.15) Going to read /home/ddunham/.cpan/Metadata Database was generated on Sun, 19 Oct 2008 18:26:50 GMT CPAN: LWP::UserAgent loaded ok (v2.033) CPAN: Time::HiRes loaded ok (v1.86) Fetching with LWP: LWP failed with code[404] message[Not Found] NcFTPGet 3.2.1 Usages: ncftpget [flags] remote-host local-dir remote-path-names... (mode 1) ncftpget -f login.cfg [flags] local-dir remote-path-names... (mode 2) ncftpget [flags] (mode 3) ncftpget -c [flags] remote-host remote-path-name > stdout (mode 4) ncftpget -C [flags] remote-host remote-path-name local-path-name (mode 5) ncftpget -c [flags] > stdout (mode 6) Flags: -u XX Use username XX instead of anonymous. -p XX Use password XX with the username. -P XX Use port number XX instead of the default FTP service port (21). -d XX Use the file XX for debug logging. -a Use ASCII transfer type instead of binary. -t XX Timeout after XX seconds. -v/-V Do (do not) use progress meters. -f XX Read the file XX for host, user, and password information. -h XX Connect to host XX. Useful for overriding host in -f config.file. -c Read from remote host and write locally to stdout. -C Read from remote host and write locally to specified file. -A Append to local files, instead of overwriting them. : OS: Cygwin Perl: 5.8.8 -- Darren Dunham

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