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This queue is for tickets about the Parse-CPAN-Meta CPAN distribution.

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Id: 40256
Status: resolved
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Queue: Parse-CPAN-Meta

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Parse::CPAN::Meta does not support the line 'resources:' at sandbox/ line 41 META.yml attached open my $yf, "<", "META.yml" or die $!; my @yml = <$yf>; close $yf; if ($check) { use YAML::Syck; use Test::YAML::Meta::Version; my $h; my $yml = join "", @yml; eval { $h = Load ($yml) }; $@ and die "$@\n"; $opt_v and print Dump $h; my $t = Test::YAML::Meta::Version->new (yaml => $h); $t->parse () and die join "\n", $t->errors, ""; use Parse::CPAN::Meta; eval { Parse::CPAN::Meta::Load ($yml) }; $@ and die "$@\n"; my $req_vsn = $h->{requires}{perl}; print "Checking if $req_vsn is still OK as minimal version\n"; use Test::MinimumVersion; all_minimum_version_ok ($req_vsn, { paths => ["t", "examples", "", "Makefile.PL" ]}); }
Subject: META.yml
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text/x-yaml 1.5k
--- #YAML:1.1 name: Read version: 0.30 abstract: Meta-Wrapper for reading spreadsheet data license: perl author: - H.Merijn Brand <> generated_by: Author distribution_type: module provides: Spreadsheet::Read: file: version: 0.30 requires: perl: 5.006 Exporter: 0 Carp: 0 Data::Dumper: 0 recommends: File::Temp: 0.14 IO::Scalar: 0 build_requires: perl: 5.006 Test::Harness: 0 Test::More: 0 optional_features: - opt_csv: description: Provides parsing of CSV streams requires: Text::CSV_XS: 0.23 recommends: Text::CSV: 1 Text::CSV_PP: 1.05 Text::CSV_XS: 0.56 - opt_excel: description: Provides parsing of Microsoft Excel files requires: Spreadsheet::ParseExcel: 0.26 Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault: 0 recommends: Spreadsheet::ParseExcel: 0.34 - opt_oo: description: Provides parsing of OpenOffice spreadsheets requires: Spreadsheet::ReadSXC: 0.2 - opt_tools: description: Spreadsheet tools recommends: Tk: 0 Tk::NoteBook: 0 Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet: 0 resources: license: meta-spec: version: 1.4 url:
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That looks like incorrect indentation in the META.yml file. As all actual parsing responsibility is now external in CPAN::Meta::YAML, I'm closing this ticket.

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