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Id: 39865
Status: resolved
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Queue: Dist-Zilla

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Subject: META.yml tests
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text/plain 118b
Can I interest you in an addition to your collection? Adds a meta-yaml.t test script to test the generated META.yml.
text/x-perl 1.1k
package Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaTests; our $VERSION = '1.001'; # ABSTRACT: common extra tests for META.yml use Moose; extends 'Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineFiles'; override 'gather_files' => sub { my ($self) = @_; return unless $ENV{RELEASE_TESTING}; super(); }; __PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable; no Moose; 1; =pod =head1 NAME Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaTests - common extra tests for META.yml =head1 VERSION version 1.001 =head1 DESCRIPTION This is an extension of L<Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineFiles>, providing the following files: xt/release/meta-yaml.t - a standard Test::CPAN::Meta test This file is only gathered if the environment variable C<RELEASE_TESTING> is true, which is the case when running C<dzil test>. =head1 AUTHOR Ricardo SIGNES <> =head1 COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This software is copyright (c) 2008 by Ricardo SIGNES. This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself. =cut __DATA__ ___[ xt/release/meta-yaml.t ]___ #!perl -T use Test::More; eval "use Test::CPAN::Meta"; plan skip_all => "Test::CPAN::Meta required for testing META.yml" if $@; meta_yaml_ok();
thanks, added to git! -- rjbs

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