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Id: 39000
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Pod-Perldoc

Owner: Nobody in particular
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Bug Information
Severity: Important
Broken in: 3.14_02
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Support for "pod2man --utf8"
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text/plain 1.6k
Hi, I'm a maintainer of the Debian Perl core package, and we'd like to have better UTF-8 support in Pod::Perldoc::ToMan for our upcoming Debian stable release ("lenny"). It would be nice if Pod::Perldoc::ToMan could optionally (preferably with the default being a build-time configuration option) add the '--utf8' option to the pod2man invocation if Pod::Man is new enough. As discussed in, UTF-8 support in Pod::Man has been improved recently. From podlators-2.1.0 onwards, there's now a '--utf8' switch for pod2man, which makes the script output literal UTF-8 characters. Without the switch, all non-ASCII characters are converted either to a *roff escape sequence that tries to create a properly accented character (at least for troff output) or to "X". For some further confusion, even older Pod::Man versions (before podlators-2.00, including those shipped with Perl 5.8.8) just passed non-ASCII characters through as-is. This was undefined behaviour, but it turned out people were more or less relying on it. According to Russ Allbery, the podlators author, the '--utf8' option can't be made the default because it breaks some nroff implementations. I'm contemplating on adding the attached patch for the Debian Perl package. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I think we can use '--utf8' unconditionally because our nroff can handle it, so I haven't looked at that part. As a small implementation detail, pod2man doesn't (currently) support anything like '--utf8=1', so I didn't use the 'turn the switches into CLIs' part in for this. For reference, this is Debian bug #492037, <>. Thanks for your work on Perl, -- Niko Tyni
Subject: 492037.patch
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text/x-diff 568b
Make /usr/bin/perldoc invoke pod2man with the "--utf8" option if it detects a new enough Pod::Man version. (Closes: #492037) diff --git a/lib/Pod/Perldoc/ b/lib/Pod/Perldoc/ index 4319122..f697e5c 100644 --- a/lib/Pod/Perldoc/ +++ b/lib/Pod/Perldoc/ @@ -60,6 +60,10 @@ sub parse_from_file { unless -e $pod2man; } + eval { require Pod::Man }; + $switches .= " --utf8" + if (!$@ && $Pod::Man::VERSION >= 2.18); + my $command = "$pod2man $switches --lax $file | $render -man"; # no temp file, just a pipe!
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On Fri May 27 10:25:21 2011, DOM wrote: Show quoted text
I've made the patch in the github repository at as commit fc79dc3d6ddd9259944244b8222dd9eb7dd46a6b There's some more work to do here, I think, because it's still half broken on my MacBook

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