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This queue is for tickets about the Test-Harness CPAN distribution.

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The Basics
Id: 38961
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Test-Harness

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Bug Information
Severity: Normal
Broken in: 3.13
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Minor POD fixups
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text/plain 172b
Attached are minor POD fixups against SVN head, documenting the jobs and fork options to TAP::Harness->new, as well as removing reference to TAP::Harness::Parallel. - Alex
Subject: pod-docs.patch
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text/x-diff 1.6k
Index: lib/TAP/Formatter/Console/ =================================================================== --- lib/TAP/Formatter/Console/ (revision 1201) +++ lib/TAP/Formatter/Console/ (working copy) @@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ =head1 DESCRIPTION -This provides console orientated output formatting for L<TAP::Harness::Parallel>. +This provides console orientated output formatting for L<TAP::Harness> +when run with multiple L<TAP::Harness/jobs>. =head1 SYNOPSIS Index: lib/TAP/ =================================================================== --- lib/TAP/ (revision 1201) +++ lib/TAP/ (working copy) @@ -261,6 +261,18 @@ If set to a true value instruct C<TAP::Parser> to ignore exit and wait status from test scripts. +=item * C<jobs> + +The maximum number of parallel tests to run at any time. Which tests +can be run in parallel is controlled by C<rules>. The default is to +run only one test at a time. + +=item * C<fork> + +If true the harness will attempt to fork and run the parser for each +test in a separate process. Currently this option requires +L<Parallel::Iterator> to be installed. + =item * C<rules> A reference to a hash of rules that control which tests may be @@ -640,9 +652,7 @@ =head3 C<jobs> -Returns the number of concurrent test runs the harness is handling. For the default -harness this value is always 1. A parallel harness such as L<TAP::Harness::Parallel> -will override this to return the number of jobs it is handling. +Gets or sets the number of concurrent tests the harness is handling. =head3 C<fork>
Applied, thanks!

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