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This queue is for tickets about the SOAP-Lite CPAN distribution.

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Id: 37728
Status: rejected
Priority: 0/
Queue: SOAP-Lite

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: david [...]

Bug Information
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Broken in: (no value)
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: SOAP::Lite::0.710.08 ever so slight, highly annoying, build bug
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 07:28:02 -0500
To: bug-SOAP-Lite [...]
From: David Favor <david [...]>
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text/plain 4.7k
After SOAP::Lite is built, there's some type of versioning bug which causes CPANPLUS to attempt an update each time an mass update is done. The reason is some type of unparsable version problem as shown below. This also occurs on the last 5.8.8 version I was running. Let me know how to correct this. Thanks! Show quoted text
__________ net1#perl -MCPANPLUS -e shell CPANPLUS::Shell::Default -- CPAN exploration and module installation (v0.84) *** Please report bugs to <>. *** Using CPANPLUS::Backend v0.84. *** ReadLine support available (try 'i Term::ReadLine::Perl'). *** Type 'p' now to show start up log Did you know... You can show all your out of date modules using 'o' CPAN Terminal> o [MSG] Checking if source files are up to date [MSG] Retrieving /root/.cpanplus/sourcefiles.2.18.stored [MSG] No '/root/.cpanplus/custom-sources' dir, skipping custom sources 1 1.10 1.60 Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::Tree JMERELO 2 1.200608 1.200608 Number::Phone::UK::Exchanges DCANTRELL 3 3.05 3.07 Pod::Simple ARANDAL 4 Unparsable 0.60 UDDI::Lite BYRNE CPAN Terminal>
__________ net1#perl -V Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 10 subversion 0 patch 34095) configuration: Platform: osname=linux, osvers=, archname=i686-linux-thread-multi uname='linux #1 smp sat mar 29 09:54:46 edt 2008 i686 i686 i386 gnulinux ' config_args='-Dprefix=/common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095 -ders -Dusedevel -Dcf_by=David Favor -Dcc=gcc -Doptimize=-O2 -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -fstack-protector -mtune=generic -Dloclibpth=/usr/local/lib -Dlocincpth=/usr/local/include -Duseshrplib -Dusethreads -Uuseithreads -Duselargefiles -Dd_dosuid -Dd_semctl_semun -Dotherlibdirs=/common/pmlib:/tools/pmlib:/usr/local/pmlib -Ui_db -Ui_ndbm -Di_gdbm -Di_shadow -Di_syslog -Dman3ext=3pm -Duseperlio -Dinstallusrbinperl=n -Ubincompat5005 -Uversiononly -Dpager=/usr/bin/less -Dd_gethostent_r_proto -Ud_endhostent_r_proto -Ud_sethostent_r_proto -Ud_endprotoent_r_proto -Ud_setprotoent_r_proto -Ud_endservent_r_proto -Ud_setservent_r_proto' hint=recommended, useposix=true, d_sigaction=define useithreads=define, usemultiplicity=define useperlio=define, d_sfio=undef, uselargefiles=define, usesocks=undef use64bitint=undef, use64bitall=undef, uselongdouble=undef usemymalloc=n, bincompat5005=undef Compiler: cc='gcc', ccflags ='-D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -fstack-protector -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64', optimize='-O2 -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -fstack-protector -mtune=generic ', cppflags='-D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -fstack-protector -I/usr/local/include' ccversion='', gccversion='4.1.2 20070925 (Red Hat 4.1.2-33)', gccosandvers='' intsize=4, longsize=4, ptrsize=4, doublesize=8, byteorder=1234 d_longlong=define, longlongsize=8, d_longdbl=define, longdblsize=12 ivtype='long', ivsize=4, nvtype='double', nvsize=8, Off_t='off_t', lseeksize=8 alignbytes=4, prototype=define Linker and Libraries: ld='gcc', ldflags =' -fstack-protector -L/usr/local/lib' libpth=/usr/local/lib /lib /usr/lib libs=-lnsl -lgdbm -ldb -ldl -lm -lcrypt -lutil -lpthread -lc perllibs=-lnsl -ldl -lm -lcrypt -lutil -lpthread -lc libc=/lib/, so=so, useshrplib=true, gnulibc_version='2.7' Dynamic Linking: dlsrc=dl_dlopen.xs, dlext=so, d_dlsymun=undef, ccdlflags='-Wl,-E -Wl,-rpath,/common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095/lib/5.10.0/i686-linux-thread-multi/CORE' cccdlflags='-fPIC', lddlflags='-shared -O2 -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -m32 -fstack-protector -mtune=generic -L/usr/local/lib' Characteristics of this binary (from libperl): Compile-time options: MULTIPLICITY PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT PERL_MALLOC_WRAP USE_ITHREADS USE_LARGE_FILES USE_PERLIO USE_REENTRANT_API Locally applied patches: MAINT33535 Built under linux Compiled at Jun 30 2008 17:48:25 @INC: /common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095/lib/5.10.0/i686-linux-thread-multi /common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095/lib/5.10.0 /common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095/lib/site_perl/5.10.0/i686-linux-thread-multi /common/pkgs/perl-5.10.0-34095/lib/site_perl/5.10.0 /common/pmlib /tools/pmlib /usr/local/pmlib . -- Love feeling your best ever, all day, every day? Click for the easy way.

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