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This queue is for tickets about the Tk CPAN distribution.

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Subject: Installing Tk804.028
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 17:59:05 -0400
To: bug-tk [...]
From: patrickhayes [...]
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To Tk group, I attached a error log to this email. I am trying to install the Tk module. I am getting errors, but do not understand why. Thanks for your help. PAT Patrick Hayes Senior Analyst - System Engineering MAXIMUS Inc. Office: (512) 533-2978
On Fri Jul 04 18:05:45 2008, wrote: Show quoted text
> To Tk group, > I attached a error log to this email. I am trying to install the Tk > module. I am getting errors, but do not understand why. Thanks for your > help.
The error message is somewhat hidden, but here it is: NMAKE : fatal error U1095: expanded command line 'ar -ru libpTk.a ClientWin.o Lang_f.o Xlib_f.o XrmOption.o exWinHandle.o imgBMP.o imgInit.o imgInt_f.o imgObj.o imgUtil.o imgWindow.o imgXBM.o imgXPM.o ptkCanvGrid.o ptkCanvGroup.o stbDItem.o stbDashCustom.o stbDiStyle.o strGlue.o stubs.o tclAsync.o tclDecls_f.o tclEvent.o tclHash.o tclNotify.o tclPreserve.o tclTimer.o tclWinNotify.o tclWinTime.o tixCompat.o tixDItem.o tixDiITxt.o tixDiImg.o tixDiStyle.o tixDiText.o tixDiWin.o tixError.o tixForm.o tixFormMisc.o tixGrData.o tixGrFmt.o tixGrRC.o tixGrSel.o tixGrSort.o tixGrUtl.o tixGrid.o tixHLCol.o tixHLHdr.o tixHLInd.o tixHList.o tixImgCmp.o tixImgXpm.o tixImgXpm_f.o tixInputO.o tixInt_f.o tixList.o tixNBFrame.o tixScroll.o tixSmpLs.o tixTList.o tixUtils.o tixVars.o tixWinDraw.o tixWinXpm.o tix_f.o tk3d.o tkAtom.o tkBind.o tkBitmap.o tkButton.o tkCanvArc.o tkCanvBmap.o tkCanvImg.o tkCanvLine.o tkCanvPoly.o tkCanvPs.o tkCanvText.o tkCanvUtil.o tkCanvWind.o tkCanvas.o tkClipboard.o tkCmds.o tkColor.o tkConfig.o tkCursor.o tkDecls_f.o tkEntry.o tkError.o tkEvent.o tkEvent_f.o tkFileFilter.o tkFocus.o tkFont.o tkFrame.o tkGC.o tkGeometry.o tkGet.o tkGrab.o tkGrid.o tkImage.o tkImgBmap.o tkImgGIF.o tkImgPPM.o tkImgPhoto.o tkImgPhoto_f.o tkImgUtil.o tkIntDecls_f.o tkIntPlatDecls_f.o tkIntXlibDecls_f.o tkInt_f.o tkListbox.o tkMacWinMenu.o tkMenu.o tkMenuDraw.o tkMenubutton.o tkMessage.o tkObj.o tkOldConfig.o tkOption.o tkOption_f.o tkPack.o tkPanedWindow.o tkPlace.o tkPlatDecls_f.o tkPointer.o tkProperty.o tkRectOval.o tkScale.o tkScrollbar.o tkSelect.o tkSquare.o tkStubImg.o tkStyle.o tkText.o tkTextBTree.o tkTextDisp.o tkTextImage.o tkTextIndex.o tkTextMark.o tkTextTag.o tkTextWind.o tkTrig.o tkUndo.o tkUnixMenubu.o tkUnixScale.o tkUtil.o tkVisual.o tkWin3d.o tkWinButton.o tkWinClipboard.o tkWinColor.o tkWinConfig.o tkWinCursor.o tkWinDialog.o tkWinDraw.o tkWinEmbed.o tkWinFont.o tkWinImage.o tkWinInit.o tkWinKey.o tkWinMenu.o tkWinPixmap.o tkWinPointer.o tkWinRegion.o tkWinScrlbr.o tkWinSend.o tkWinTest.o tkWinWindow.o tkWinWm.o tkWinX.o tkWindow.o tk_f.o xcolors.o xdraw.o xgc.o ximage.o xutil.o' too long I am not sure what can be done to fix this. I notice that there's two spaces between the arguments, so one can shorten the command line by about 200 bytes, but probably this won't be enough. What's also strange: you're using gcc, but at the same time nmake. I think this combination may cause problems. Can you try either dmake or gmake instead of nmake? It would also be helpful if you send some more information about your Windows version, and the perl you are using (Strawberry or ActivePerl, preferably the output of perl -V). Regards, Slaven

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