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Subject: Pg.dll crashing apache on Windows
First, thank you for DBD::Pg. I've been using it for years. Unfortunately, I am having a problem where it is crashing apache on Windows. I am running: --Apache 2.2.8 --PostgreSQL 8.3.3 --mod_perl 2.03 --Activestate 5.8.222 --The latest ppm DBD::Pg binary from pgfoundry, which is 2.0.0 --I also had this problem with 1.49, and just upgraded to the latest binary hoping it would go away. The problem is that apache crashes and dies. The event viewer says: faulting module Pg.dll This happens intermittently during load testing, and I think I've traced to what type of load testing does it. Using pylot or ab, it doesn't crash. But, if I do the following procedure, I can get it to crash: 1. Save a bunch of tabs in a browser, in my case I'm using Safari for Windows 3.1.1 (525.17). 2. Click on the bookmark of the tabs over and over, before they get done rendering. 3. I think safari is canceling the client requests or somehow dropping them mid-way through. I presume this is a factor. I tried downloading the latest DBD::Pg source and compiling it Windows, but the directions aren't working for me. I don't have an old version of Visual C++, so I downloaded the latest trial, and nmake fails. I would be happy (of course) to try deeper stack tracing or compiling given some direction. Thank you for your time.
Please try a newer version that 2.0.0.
Am Mo 16. Jun 2008, 09:08:39, schrieb:
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> Please try a newer version that 2.0.0.
I am having this exact issue on the following setup: DBD::Pg 2.14.1 (the latest I can obtain through ppm or pgfoundry--why did they stop updating with DBD-Pg?) mod_perl 2.0.4 ActivePerl (the only 5.12+win32 test on CPAN is a fail...) Apache 2.2.17 Windows Server 2003 SP2 It slows down our server and then crashes several times per day on our production system, seemingly ever since upgrading to Apache 2.2.17 due to the latest security fixes it contains. I hope this warrants an upgrade from 'unimportant'... I'm really at my wit's end with this. I've tried switching to Strawberry in the hopes that I could install a newer version of DBD-Pg, but it has its own weird issues on our setup that I haven't found a resolution to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kev
Sorry for the lack of response: as you can probably guess, there is very little Windows expertise available to address this. You may want to the Postgres mailing lists to see if anyone else can duplicate or further debug:

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