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Subject: Problems with LICENSE / EXAMPLES / PREREQ checks
Hi Thomas, I think there are a few things not quite working as you intended with CPANTS. I haven't had the time to analyse these further in order to provide patches, but you might want to add them to your TODO list: 1) LICENSE Using Calendar-List [1], the license is listed in the code, the META.yml and has a separate LICENSE file, yet fails the LICENSE check. If you look at the Metadata, it lists a valid license found, although the License File is bogus (but I'll come back to that later). In the code I can't quite figure out why this would fail or why it's using not ./LICENSE. Every single one of my distributions includes the license in the code, META.yml and as a separate LICENSE file, but they all fail this check :( I think this is possibly covered in 2) EXAMPLES Using GD-Chart-Radial [2], I have an examples directory. It currently contains a script file, but fails the EXAMPLES check. My distributions lists the ./examples and ./t directory in the no_index section, however it would seem that the EXAMPLES check excludes anything from that list, as such it misses the fact that I have an examples directory. I would suggest checking this against ALL files/directories in the distribution, regardless of whether they are filtered out for other checks. 3) PREREQ When a test directory contains a set of test only packages, these are listed in the metadata file_list. However, because they are only used in testing, they are not listed in the provides section of the META.yml. As such the PREREQ check fails. I would suggest that any "Modules used in tests" (build_prereq_matches_use) checks also check whether packages are listed in the MANIFEST before including them in any failures. See TestData from Calendar-List [1]. Note that I have recently uploaded a newer version of Calendar-List that attempts to subvert the META.yml, to see how both PAUSE and CPANTS respond. [1] [2]

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