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The Basics
Id: 3324
Status: stalled
Priority: 0/
Queue: Proc-ProcessTable

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: rajeeva [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Important
Broken in:
  • 0.34
  • 0.38
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: proc::proctable skips process entry
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text/plain 1.8k
Hi, I am using Proc::Proctable-0.38 (was using 0.34 earlier) module to monitor a particular process. If the process is not running, I restart it or if the configuration file of the process is newer than the start time of process, I restart it. Here is the code: #!/opt/default/bin/perl use strict; use Time::Local; use Proc::ProcessTable; use Getopt::Std; my %opts; if (! getopts("v",\%opts)) { print "Usage: [-v]\n"; exit 1; } my $dnsproxycmd = "/opt/dnsproxy-9.2.1/sbin/dnsproxy"; my $restart=0; my $pid=0; my $start=0; # make sure there is a dnsproxy process running my $table = new Proc::ProcessTable; my @pstable = @{$table->table}; foreach my $p ( @pstable ) { print $p->pid,"\t",$p->cmndline,"\n" if $opts{'v'}; next unless ($p->cmndline =~ /^$dnsproxycmd\s/o); $pid=$p->pid; $start = $p->start; last; } &restart("No running process found") unless ($pid); my @f=stat("/opt/dnsproxy-9.2.1/etc/dnsproxy.conf"); if ($f[9] >= $start) { &restart("Newer config file found") }; sub restart { my ($reason)=@_; print STDERR "starting dnsproxy: $reason\n"; system("killall dnsproxy") if ($pid); system("/etc/local/init.d/ start"); exit 0; } This code works fine about 90% of the times, but other times it restarts the dnsproxy even thought it was running earlier with the reason "no process found". The OS I am running is freebsd-4.3 and freebsd 4.4. Both of them have the problem. I have noticed, it happens mostly when machine has about 250+ processes. Also what's interesting is that killall aslo does not kils the existing process (lloks like that also does not finds it). So when I check the machine, the old process since last time is found to be running. This program is run through a cronjob, BTW. Thanks for any information.
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text/plain 278b
For now I will stall this bug. It seems that this bug is not specific to Proc::ProcessTable (because of killall's behaviour). This bug is 10 years old. It would be nice if somebody could confirm that this problem still exists, before I take action. If yes, I'll reopen this bug.

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