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Subject: Blank error returned on blank content retrieval
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 01:44:17 -0600
From: Drake Wilson <>
If _get_url_contents returns a blank document, _find_semantic_info assumes it failed. In a way, this is true, because a blank document has no OpenID information. But it also assumes that _get_url_contents set the error code and text in the process of failing, which it did not (because _get_url_contents doesn't itself check that the document isn't an empty string, and therefore thinks it succeeded). The failure itself propagates, but the err, errcode, and errtext methods return nothing. (Actually, the err method returns a single colon and space, which is ultra-confusing. This is similar to the ticket for Net::OpenID::Server, so I infer that it's probably a bug here as well.) This has combined with a bug in URI::Fetch version 0.03 (and apparently all versions below 0.06) to create the bug that appears in (or at least it seems that way; I have not yet confirmed with LiveJournal themselves). This may mean that Net::OpenID::Consumer should depend on URI::Fetch 0.06 or higher, since it seems to be necessary for proper function of URLs that have redirects to slashed forms (which is very common, and which seems to be specifically mentioned in the OpenID spec as an example of where a redirect must be handled correctly). ---> Drake Wilson
Fix checked in: Note that this is in the 1.0 maintenence branch rather than the trunk. It'll be merged into the trunk in due course.
Fixed in 1.03.

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