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Id: 31346
Status: resolved
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Queue: libwww-perl

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Severity: Wishlist
Broken in: 5.808
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Small documentation issues (with patch)
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Hi, There are a couple of documentation errors in lwp-request and, reported in the Debian BTS, which we fixed and now we want to send them to you so you can also apply them to your code. I hope you find it useful. Below is the detailed description (the bugs can be read in - bin/lwp-request: mention GET, POST and HEAD in the POD, fixed the discrepancies between the synopsis, the POD description and the cmdline help (-C and -P options, plus short options summary), also added some standard markup in POD synopsis (Closes: #396968, #408426, #354905) - libwww-perl/lib/HTTP/ updated Netscape cookies spec's URL (Closes: #422732).
Subject: documentation_fixes.patch
Index: libwww-perl/bin/lwp-request =================================================================== --- libwww-perl.orig/bin/lwp-request +++ libwww-perl/bin/lwp-request @@ -6,13 +6,13 @@ =head1 NAME -lwp-request - Simple command line user agent +lwp-request, GET, POST, HEAD - Simple command line user agent =head1 SYNOPSIS - lwp-request [-aeEdvhx] [-m method] [-b <base URL>] [-t <timeout>] - [-i <if-modified-since>] [-c <content-type>] [-C <credentials>] - [-p <proxy-url>] [-o <format>] <url>... +B<lwp-request> [B<-afPuUsSedvhx>] [B<-m> I<method>] [B<-b> I<base URL>] [B<-t> I<timeout>] + [B<-i> I<if-modified-since>] [B<-c> I<content-type>] + [B<-C> I<credentials>] [B<-p> I<proxy-url>] [B<-o> I<format>] I<url>... =head1 DESCRIPTION @@ -71,6 +71,10 @@ Set the proxy to be used for the request proxy settings from the environment. You can disable this with the C<-P> option. +=item -P + +Don't load proxy settings from environment. + =item -H <header> Send this HTTP header with each request. You can specify several, e.g.: @@ -528,6 +532,8 @@ Usage: $progname [-options] <url>... -p <proxyurl> use this as a proxy -P don't load proxy settings from environment -H <header> send this HTTP header (you can specify several) + -C <username>:<password> + provide credentials for basic authentication -u Display method and URL before any response -U Display request headers (implies -u) Index: libwww-perl/lib/HTTP/ =================================================================== --- libwww-perl.orig/lib/HTTP/ +++ libwww-perl/lib/HTTP/ @@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ sub extract_cookies if (@ns_set) { # The old Netscape cookie format for Set-Cookie - # + # # can for instance contain an unquoted "," in the expires # field, so we have to use this ad-hoc parser. my $now = time(); @@ -626,7 +626,7 @@ knows about. Cookies are a general mechanism which server side connections can use to both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. For more information about cookies refer to -<URL:> and +<URL:> and <URL:>. This module also implements the new style cookies described in I<RFC 2965>. The two variants of cookies are supposed to be able to coexist happily.
Applied. Thanks!

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