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Id: 30785
Status: resolved
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Queue: CGI

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Subject: [PATCH] original pathinfo not striped if new pathinfo set
The following was reported in the Perl 5 bug queue. This is a bug report for perl from, generated with the help of perlbug 1.35 running under perl v5.8.8. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Please enter your report here] I have found a bug in affecting crickets pathinfo UrlStyle the problem is if you set path_info on a url that was called with path info will fail to strip the original called path_info from the url before adding the new path_info. Below is a test script that prints its url and then sets path_info and a quick hack patch to remove the original path_info from the url instead of trying to remove the new path info. below is a test with path_info set to /test/test the final result should be if the original path info was striped. requested url output Kevin Stewart test cgi #!/usr/bin/perl -w use CGI qw(fatalsToBrowser); my $cgi = new CGI; print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n"; print $cgi->url(-relative=>0, -query=>1, -path_info=>1)."\n"; $cgi->path_info("/customers/BOB/WasHere"); print $cgi->url(-relative=>0, -query=>1, -path_info=>1)."\n"; example patch --- /usr/share/perl/5.8.8/ 2006-12-06 00:52:37.000000000 +1300 +++ 2007-06-19 14:32:53.000000000 +1200 @@ -2623,6 +2623,7 @@ $rewrite++ unless defined $rewrite; my $path = $self->path_info; + my $realpath = $ENV{PATH_INFO}; my $script_name = $self->script_name; my $request_uri = $self->request_uri || ''; my $query_str = $self->query_string; @@ -2632,7 +2633,7 @@ my $uri = $rewrite && $request_uri ? $request_uri : $script_name; $uri =~ s/\?.*$//; # remove query string - $uri =~ s/$path$// if defined $path; # remove path + $uri =~ s/$realpath$// if defined $realpath; # remove path if ($full) { my $protocol = $self->protocol();
Will be fixed in version 3.41.

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