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Subject: dmake error: A non AUGMAKE meta target must not be mixed with AUGMAKE meta targets
Matt Musgrove reported to me that he can't compile Want 0.15 with Strawberry Perl. Dmake reports the following: dmake.EXE: makefile: line 836: Error: -- A non AUGMAKE meta target must not be mixed with AUGMAKE meta targets, offending target [Want.c] The makefile for Want is built using MakeMaker in the usual way, so the problem may lie with MakeMaker and/or dmake. I don't have access to a Win32 system to investigate further, so I'm reporting it here in the hope that someone can help. Thanks, Robin [From Matt's report to me:] ------------------------------ ENVIRONMENT AND OTHER CONTEXT ------------------------------ Environment variables: COMSPEC = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe INCLUDE = ;C:\strawberry-perl\mingw\include;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\lib\CORE;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\lib\encode LIB = ;C:\strawberry-perl\mingw\lib;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\bin NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS = 1 PATH = C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\bin;C:\strawberry-perl\dmake\bin;C:\strawberry-perl\mingw\bin PERL5LIB = PERL5_CPANPLUS_IS_RUNNING = 3188 PERL5_CPAN_IS_EXECUTING = C:\DOCUME~1\MMUSGR~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\cpan\build\Want-0.15-8pMwuR\Makefile.PL PERL5_CPAN_IS_RUNNING = 3188 PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT = 1 PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER = x86 Family 15 Model 12 Stepping 0, AuthenticAMD TEMP = C:\DOCUME~1\MMUSGR~1\LOCALS~1\Temp Perl special variables (and OS-specific diagnostics, for MSWin32): $^X = C:\strawberry-perl\perl\bin\perl.exe $UID/$EUID = 0 / 0 $GID = 0 $EGID = 0 Win32::GetOSName = WinXP/.Net Win32::GetOSVersion = Service Pack 2, 5, 1, 2600, 2, 2, 0, 256, 1 Win32::IsAdminUser = 1 Perl module toolchain versions installed: Module Have ------------------- ------ CPAN 1.9203 Cwd 3.25 ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.21 ExtUtils::Command 1.13 ExtUtils::Install 1.44 ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.36 ExtUtils::Manifest 1.51 ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.18 File::Spec 3.25 Module::Build 0.2808 Module::Signature n/a Test::Harness 2.64 Test::More 0.72 YAML 0.66 YAML::Syck 0.99 version 0.74 -- Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 8 subversion 8) configuration: Platform: osname=MSWin32, osvers=5.1, archname=MSWin32-x86-multi-thread uname='' config_args='undef' hint=recommended, useposix=true, d_sigaction=undef usethreads=define use5005threads=undef useithreads=define usemultiplicity=define useperlio=define d_sfio=undef uselargefiles=define usesocks=undef use64bitint=undef use64bitall=undef uselongdouble=undef usemymalloc=n, bincompat5005=undef Compiler: cc='gcc', ccflags =' -s -O2 -DWIN32 -DHAVE_DES_FCRYPT -DPERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT -DPERL_IMPLICIT_SYS -fno-strict-aliasing -DPERL_MSVCRT_READFIX', optimize='-s -O2', cppflags='-DWIN32' ccversion='', gccversion='3.4.5', gccosandvers='' intsize=4, longsize=4, ptrsize=4, doublesize=8, byteorder=1234 d_longlong=undef, longlongsize=8, d_longdbl=define, longdblsize=12 ivtype='long', ivsize=4, nvtype='double', nvsize=8, Off_t='long long', lseeksize=8 alignbytes=8, prototype=define Linker and Libraries: ld='g++', ldflags ='-s -L"c:\strawberry-perl\perl\lib\CORE" -L"c:\strawberry-perl\mingw\lib"' libpth=c:\strawberry-perl\mingw\lib libs= -lmsvcrt -lmoldname -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinspool -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -lnetapi32 -luuid -lws2_32 -lmpr -lwinmm -lversion -lodbc32 -lodbccp32 perllibs= -lmsvcrt -lmoldname -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi32 -lwinspool -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32 -lole32 -loleaut32 -lnetapi32 -luuid -lws2_32 -lmpr -lwinmm -lversion -lodbc32 -lodbccp32 libc=-lmsvcrt, so=dll, useshrplib=yes, libperl=libperl58.a gnulibc_version='' Dynamic Linking: dlsrc=dl_win32.xs, dlext=dll, d_dlsymun=undef, ccdlflags=' ' cccdlflags=' ', lddlflags='-mdll -s -L"c:\strawberry-perl\perl\lib\CORE" -L"c:\strawberry-perl\mingw\lib"'
Want builds correctly on the current Strawberry.

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