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Subject: DB_File requires exact versions of libdb, and gives confusing error message
This issue was originally reported here: There are two issues: 1) At runtime, DB_File checks to make sure the libdb installed on the system is the same version that DB_File was built against. This is could, but DB_File requires the exact same major version, minor version, and patch level...this is probably too strict a requirement. I'm not familiar enough with db4 to know if compatibility is kept between patch levels, but one would usually expect it to be. This causes DB_File to fail to work if db4 is updated in a distribution, but perl isn't - this has happened a couple of times in Fedora. 2) Even if the version check is kept intact, the error message is misleading: "DB_File needs compatible versions of libdb & db.h you have db.h version 4.3.21 and libdb version 4.3.27" But the code appears to be checking the version of the library itself, not the version found in db.h (which might not even be installed on the system.)
I should have noted that Fedora will work around this issue for now by including a Requires: db4 = <exact version> in our perl RPM.
Thanks for the feedback Robin & sorry for the delay in responding. I'll address each of your issues in turn 1. Exact Version check The reason for the fine-grained version check is lost in the mists of time, but I don't see any reason for not relaxing the version check now. I'll change the code to only check the major & minor versions and ignore the patchlevel. 2. Misleading Error Message "DB_File needs compatible versions of libdb & db.h you have db.h version 4.3.21 and libdb version 4.3.27" I'm going to change that to "DB_File was built with libdb version 4.3.21, but you are attempting to run it with libdb version 4.3.27" I've just uploaded DB_File 1.816 to CPAN with these changes included. Paul

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