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Subject: Problems with Tcl Perl Module executing pkg_mkIndex and package require ...
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 16:47:59 +1000
To: <bug-Tcl [...]>
From: "Bobby Jafari" <bobby.jafari [...]>
Dear TCL Module Developers, I am writing to u as a last resort option for something that I think may be a bug with your module. I have a sample code bellow (The attached file needs to be copied to C:/Tcl/lib). Using the tclsh command will allow the execution of these tcl commands, but invoking them from Perl will give error.: Use Tcl; my $tclSession = new Tcl; $tclSession -> Eval ('cd C:/Tcl/lib'); # This works fine $tclSession -> call ("pkg_mkIndex", "C:/Tcl/lib", "*.tcl"); # TCL Module can't handle this $tclSession -> Eval ("package require AgtClient"); # TCL Module can't handle this ---------------------------------- ERROR ---------------------------------- Tcl error 'invalid command name "pkg_mkIndex" at C:/Perl/site/lib/ line 542. ' while invoking scalar result call: "pkg_mkIndex C:/Tcl/lib *.tcl" at C:/Perl/site/lib/ line 545 Tcl::call('Tcl=SCALAR(0x225450)', 'pkg_mkIndex', 'C:/Tcl/lib', '*.tcl') called at C:\SVN\qa-tests\2093\testcase\ line 112 Or my $tclSession = new <<AgtClient.tcl>> Tcl; $tclSession -> Eval ('cd C:/Tcl/lib'); # This works fine $tclSession -> Eval ("pkg_mkIndex C:/Tcl/lib *.tcl"); # TCL Module can't handle this $tclSession -> Eval ("package require AgtClient"); # TCL Module can't handle this ---------------------------------- ERROR ---------------------------------- invalid command name "pkg_mkIndex" at C:\SVN\qa-tests\2093\testcase\ line 112. I get the same error as above for using the invoke methods. I need to use your module so that it allows me to automate QA testing using an Agilent Test module. I need to run TCL in such a way to keep all the tclsh environment variable alive, during the execution of the Perl script. Using a system call will not work as each system call has its own environment value and variables, hence my interest in Tcl Module. I am using Tcl-0.95 and running it in Windows XP. I am using perl, v5.8.8 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread I am using ActiveTcl8. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Bobby Test Engineer Senetas Corp
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for some commands, you also need to issue Init method: use Tcl; my $int = new Tcl; $int->Init; $int->Eval('pkg_mkIndex a b'); --- no files matched glob pattern "b" at line 5. --- ...whereas w/o Init we have: use Tcl; my $int = new Tcl; $int->Eval('pkg_mkIndex a b'); --- invalid command name "pkg_mkIndex" at line 4. --- if you need closer investigations on the matter, please let us know and please reopen the ticket. closing now

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