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The Basics
Id: 2987
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: Email-Filter

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: MARKSTOS [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Critical
Broken in: 1.0
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: [PATCH] mail lost when pipe() command fails
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text/plain 1.3k
After porting a Mail::Audit script to Email::Filter, it failed like this: ##### @400000003f1acdde3a806314 delivery 40512: success: file_not_found:_preline_/usr/local/bin/tmda-filter_at_/usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Email/Filter.pm_line_317/did_0+0+1 ##### What was happening was that Email::Filter was dying at point where pipe() was called, returning something that looked like an success code. Although the syntax for calling "pipe" appears not to have changed from Mail::Audit, it quit working. From the documentation of IPC::Run, it looks like multiple commands need to be given as an array. I tested, and that works in my case: $m->pipe(qw!preline /usr/local/bin/tmda-filter!); Perhaps if a single string is given, you want to split on white space to preserve backwards compatibility with Mail::Audit-style syntax. I do find it more natural to give a single string as I would on the command line. At least, the documentation should be updated with an example of the correct syntax to use with pipe(). The attached patch fixes the pipe bug by wrapping it in an eval. It also fixes a bug in fail_badly()-- A "warn" was emitted after the call to exit() and was thus never seen. A patch to the test script to test the pipe() fix will also be attached. Perhaps there are other cases where external modules are depended on that should also be "eval'ed" to catch this kind of failure.
Download Email-Filter.patch
text/x-diff 1.3k
--- /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/Email/ Sun Jul 20 11:53:57 2003 +++ Email-Filter-1.0/lib/Email/ Sun Jul 20 13:44:41 2003 @@ -78,9 +78,8 @@ sub fail_badly { my $self = shift; $self->{giveup} = 1; # Don't get caught by DESTROY + warn "Message ".$self->simple->header("Message-ID"). "was never handled properly\n"; exit TEMPFAIL unless $self->{noexit}; - warn "Message ".$self->simple->header("Message-ID"). - "was never handled properly\n"; } sub fail_gracefully { @@ -314,12 +313,18 @@ my $stdout; my $string = $self->simple->as_string; $self->call_trigger("pipe"); - if (run(\@program, \$string, \$stdout)) { + + my $rv; + eval{$rv = run(\@program, \$string, \$stdout)}; + + if (!$@ and $rv) { $self->done_ok; return $stdout; } - $self->fail_gracefully() unless $self->{noexit}; - return; + else { + $self->fail_gracefully() unless $self->{noexit}; + return; + } } =head1 COPYRIGHT
Subject: [PATCH] mail lost when pipe() command fails (test script patch)
From: mark [...]
patch to test script attached.
--- /usr/src/.cpan/build/Email-Filter-1.0/t/Email-Filter.t Fri May 2 07:02:19 2003 +++ t/Email-Filter.t Sun Jul 20 14:00:34 2003 @@ -1,18 +1,22 @@ -use Test::More 'no_plan'; +use Test::More tests => 9; use strict; use File::Temp qw(tmpnam); -use_ok("Email::Filter"); + +BEGIN{ use_ok("Email::Filter"); } open IN, "t/josey-nofold" or die $!; my $mail; {local $/; $mail = <IN>; } -my $x = Email::Filter->new(data => $mail); +my $x; +eval { $x = Email::Filter->new(data => $mail); }; +ok(!$@, 'calling new() with data survives'); + isa_ok($x, "Email::Filter"); -is($x->{noexit}, 0, "exit flag set correctly"); +is($x->{noexit}, 0, "exit (1) flag set correctly"); $x->exit(0); -is($x->{noexit}, 1, "exit flag set correctly"); +is($x->{noexit}, 1, "exit (0) flag set correctly"); my $where = tmpnam(); ok(!-f $where, "Just testing... (Going to $where)"); @@ -21,4 +25,8 @@ unlink $where; my $y = $x->pipe("$^X", "-pe1"); # A sort of portable /bin/cat -is($y, $mail, "pipe works"); +is($y, $mail, "pipe as array works"); + +my $result; +eval { $result = $x->pipe('expecting pipe to die'); }; +ok(!$@,'pipe survives from bad data') || diag $@;
This was fixed in release 1.02. This bug should be closed.
This was fixed in 1.02 -- rjbs

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