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Id: 29199
Status: rejected
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Queue: Module-Build

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Subject: Unpreventable checks for existing installed package
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 01:21:55 -0400
To: bug-module-build [...]
From: Daniel Macks <dmacks [...]>
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When I "perl Build.PL --destdir=/FOO", I'm asserting that I am going to install to a temporary place, often to create an archive or distribution package rather than for actual installation now on the local system. In this situation, it seems like checking for an existing older version of the package is not appropriate behavior. Nonetheless, using Module::Build 0.2611, I get for example: ## Differing version of DateTime/ found. You might like to rm /sw/lib/perl5/5.8.1/DateTime/ ## Running 'make install UNINST=1' will unlink all those files for you. where that path is the location on the local system. Admitedly this is a slightly out-dated Module::Build, but the meat of the action appears to be in Module::Build::Base, which does not appear to be relevantly different vs the latest CPAN version. The solution is probably in M::B::B::ACTION_install(), where the last parameter to ExtUtils::Install::install() should completely inhibit the existing-local-module test if destdir was passed. This may actually point to a problem with the EU::I::install() interface and its documentation: it's explained (in its POD as shipped with perl5.8.6) to be a simple boolean, but it's implemented as a tri-state (undefined means don't even check, whereas defined means check and act based on the defined logical value). However, M::B::B::ACTION_install() is only calling it based on its documented values, so it always performs the check: ExtUtils::Install::install($self->install_map, 1, 0, $self->{args}{uninst}||0); That means (from brief actual and mental tests) there's no way even using command-line parameters to Build to inhibit the test, because that last parameter will always be defined. Presuming this to be a bug in Install() with ACTION_install() thinking it would do what it's documented to do, should that line instead be: ExtUtils::Install::install($self->install_map, 1, 0, $self->{args}{uninst}); (undef not "defined but false" by default) to get sane behavior now and also for the future if install() is changed to match its docs? Even if checking for existing modules is desired by default (i.e., ACTION_install() is written for now install() works, not how it's documented), I still think it should pass undef if a destdir was specified. dan -- Daniel Macks
Subject: [ #29199]
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 01:36:30 -0400
To: Bugs in Module-Build via RT <bug-Module-Build [...]>
From: Daniel Macks <dmacks [...]>
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The ExtUtils::Install is version 1.32, and I now see that a bug has already been filed against that module for install() behavior when the last param is defined false. If that solution were to be applied, my problem goes away (install() behaves according to its docs, Module::Build does not cause checking by default at all (regardless of whether destdir is specified)). dan
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On Thu Sep 06 01:40:31 2007, wrote: Show quoted text
Thanks. I'll close this as notabug. If we need to do something after the EU::Install bug is resolved, please reopen.

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