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Subject: Please consider adding support for non interactive usage
===================== NOTE ===================== === We are in the process moving bug entries === === from to === === We apologize for any inconvenience === Hi, Please consider making it possible to run e.g. "svk info" non-interactively. The specific use case I have is to allow people to install svk and then run svk info from a script (in order to determine whether the current directory is an svk working directory) without being prompted if svk hasn't been initialised. Thanks, Adam
Yes this would be very valuable, please add a command line option: --dont-create-repository or something like that. BTW it is not practical to workaround the issue by doing it like this: echo 'n' | svk info > /dev/null 2> /dev/null because svk breaks the tty input handling, you'll have to blindly type `stty sane` afterwards to restore proper echo handling. $ svk -v This is svk, version v2.2.1 (using Subversion bindings 1.5.4)
Hello, I wanted to automate some svk use from a script, but found that even `svk info` is interactive (asking to create a local repo) I tried to overcome the problem with: echo n | svk info but that won't work properly, neither did `expect`, BTW. And add that when doing the above `echo n | svk info` the tty was messed with and left in a bad state: local echo was disabled and has to be restored manually with `stty sane`. :-( Then I though something should already exist to avoid that user interaction, and after some search found the following bug report: #28091: Please consider adding support for non interactive usage. I looked at the code and found the "I'm not given a tty as stdin, let's use /dev/tty" gem (ruby pun intended) in If you're not given a "real" tty, maybe that's just what the user wants, don't try to be smarter, please. The attached patch remove that code, and allows one to do: echo n | svk info /tmp/this/is/not/a/svk/repo And still have a tty in a good shape afterwards. Ok, this is still a workaround for that there's no command line option to disallow svk from creating a local repository when all we want to know if some directory is a working copy. Maybe the real fix would be not to ask for a local repo creation from SVK::Command::Info, and just return the "%1 is not a checkout path" mantra What do you think ?
Index: lib/SVK/ =================================================================== --- lib/SVK/ (revision 3150) +++ lib/SVK/ (working copy) @@ -242,7 +242,7 @@ qr/^[yn]/i, ); next if $ans =~ /^n/i; - $self->_create_depot($path) + $self->_create_depot($path) } return; }
Index: lib/SVK/ =================================================================== --- lib/SVK/ (revision 3150) +++ lib/SVK/ (working copy) @@ -180,15 +180,10 @@ local $| = 1; print $prompt; - local *IN; local *SAVED = *STDIN; local *STDIN = *STDIN; - my $formfeed = ""; - if (!-t STDIN and -r '/dev/tty' and open IN, '<', '/dev/tty') { - *STDIN = *IN; - $formfeed = "\r"; - } + my $formfeed = (IS_WIN32 ? "" : "\r"); require Term::ReadKey; Term::ReadKey::ReadMode(IS_WIN32 ? 'normal' : 'raw');

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